A possible solution to EU lobster situation

Dear Editor:

There have been numerous articles this year about Sweden’s concern with the possibility of our Maine lobsters tainting the gene pool of their native lobster stock. In this week’s Ellsworth American, Stephen Rappaport’s article states that the European Union (EU) might ban the importation of Maine lobsters for consumption into the countries comprising the EU. Rather than sitting here wringing our hands over this possibility, why don’t we, the Maine lobster industry, be proactive and solve the problem before it becomes one.

Sweden and the EU are concerned about the activity of live lobsters. Lobsters can be cooked and flash frozen. Shipping them that way would remove the threat and would eliminate the loss of product by mishandling or delay in delivery. We could go one step further and completely process the lobsters to be shipped to the EU countries and others. It would enhance the value of the meat and give additional American workers a job. I am sure lobsters are already processed this way and recall articles in the Portland paper about a plant being built. Downeast Maine could benefit from doing this. Possibly it is being done and I am not aware of it.

Robert Crosen

Blue Hill

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