In our good books

The exceptional stewardship of the Ellsworth Public Library’s board of trustees has become particularly evident in recent weeks.

The board’s prudent decision to replace the aging windows in the Tisdale House portion of the structure will cut down on energy costs and also reduce the amount of outside noise entering the building.

Ron Fortier, chairman of the board, noted that the trustees have been putting money aside in capital improvement funds for years to pay for this project. As a result, he said, the trustees “do not anticipate any added taxpayer funds being needed for this project” in the coming fiscal year.

Additional work under consideration in the near future includes replacement of the window shutters, painting in the spring and other upgrades.

The trustee’s foresight in protecting and preserving one of Ellsworth’s architectural gems deserves the appreciation of library patrons and local taxpayers.

The trustees also demonstrated thoughtful and deliberate decision-making in appointing a new director for the city’s public library.

Amy Wisehart, most recently the director of the Hartland Public Library in Hartland, Vt., will start work as the director of the Ellsworth Public Library this week.

She was selected from among 15 applicants for the post by a committee that included trustees, library staffers, a city councilor, a member of the Friends of the Ellsworth Library and the city’s human resources manager.

This is kind of thorough and time-consuming commitment is admirable and impressive.

And while we’re at it, we extend our thanks to Charlene Clemons, who has served as interim director for the past 11 months. Clemons, a veteran employee of the library, was brought on to lead it after the departure of the previous director. Along with Ron Fortier, we commend Clemons for doing “a great job of keeping our library running smoothly” this past year.

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