• Lobster stock levels remain high in Gulf of Maine, but future issues cause concern

    Lobster stock levels remain high in Gulf of Maine, but future issues cause concern

    ELLSWORTH — For the local lobster fishery, there is now and there is the future. When it comes to availability of their catch, the “now” looks solid for local commercial lobster fishermen, based on findings reported in the 2020 Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Lobster Benchmark Stock Assessment. The assessment reported the stock at “record

  • Buck Memorial Library getting a makeover

    Buck Memorial Library getting a makeover

    BUCKSPORT — The Buck Memorial Library is getting an extreme makeover. OK, maybe not extreme in the reality television sense of the word. But the board of trustees has been working near daily to renovate the historic building’s interior. “People are quite excited about what’s going on,” said board of trustees Chairman Doug Knobloch. And

  • A great conservation opportunity

    Dear Editor: The recent article “Better plan for songbirds sought at proposed wind farm project in Clifton” may leave an incorrect impression about wildlife habitat conservation efforts that are integral to Frenchman Bay Conservancy’s (FBC) ongoing effort to conserve 1,400 acres in Hancock as the Frenchman Bay Community Forest. Protecting this forest from future development

  • Trump vs. Biden: the records

    Dear Editor: Trump continues his multi-year court fight against release of any tax records and lying to the public that it is due to his taxes being audited (he can legally release his taxes even if under audit). I pay my contractors immediately when their jobs are completed. I also pay more than $750 in

  • Verses for Maine

    Dear Editor: I am sick of the ads; Red or blue, I don’t follow fads. But I know what I stand for — Maine, and nothing more. Our bright blue glittering ocean, Our tall pines swaying in motion, Our coasts winding through and through, Our islands floating on the vast, vast blue, Our steamed lobsters dipped

  • An election wish

    Dear Editor: I am quite worried about this election. Of course, I want my candidate to win. I want that a lot. But what I want more than that, is for our powerful American democracy to be preserved and not trampled. I know every American, regardless of party, wants this as well. We all hold

  • The season of Trump is ending

    Dear Editor: For conservative voters, this Supreme Court appointment changes everything. It provides the long-sought 6-3 conservative majority to overturn Roe v. Wade and Obamacare. President Trump served as an instrument to bring this about, but now the tool has served its purpose. The question this November is, should it continue to be employed? Many

  • City spirit stills shines at quieter Autumn Gold

    By Gretchen A. Wilson The Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its two largest events, Annual Meeting/Awards night and Autumn Gold in the same week, Sept. 21-26! Our Annual Awards had been rescheduled and redrawn many times, due to COVID guidelines. While we had hoped to have a live event, using new outside gathering guidance

  • No trick, Halloween will go on – with precautions

    No trick, Halloween will go on – with precautions

    ELLSWORTH — The COVID-19 pandemic has claimed more than 210,000 American lives and ruined many things over the past six months, but it’s not going to claim Halloween festivities—at least not in Hancock County. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified trick-or-treating and trunk-or-treating as “higher risk activities” to be avoided in an