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  • Conserving land for the benefit of all

    Land conservation in Maine has benefited from bipartisan support for decades. As a local land conservation organization serving the public from the Union River east to the Hancock County line, Frenchman Bay Conservancy welcomes the opportunity to share the benefits that our organization provides to our communities, with the generous support from roughly 900 members.

  • Let’s get our money’s worth on corporate tax breaks

    By Alan Caron News reports about Carbonite shipping Lewiston jobs to Jamaica — despite receiving substantial tax breaks from the people of Maine — are just the tip of the iceberg of a far larger problem that’s been plaguing Maine for decades. In 2011, Carbonite announced it was closing a call center in India to

  • A call to action on MDI

    By Bob Chaplin Summer settlements on this uniquely beautiful island, known as Pemetic to the native peoples, continued for many centuries. During the summer, they partook of the resources the land and sea had to offer them. They knew full well that if they followed the practice of using only what they needed, they could

  • Asymmetric warfare or “Send the Army home”

    By Michael Hall The United States is losing the war. At fault is our bloated and wasteful military. Our military leaders are training to refight their last successful wars, World War II, Korea and the 1991 Gulf War. They have forgotten the lessons of our revolution, Vietnam and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Our country’s

  • My back pages

    Time was, I used to write a syllabus for my English class. I listed the readings, vocabulary and grammar goals and gave a succinct statement of my philosophy.

  • Tax cuts motivate much positive economic activity

    Phil Grant Democrats say tax cuts don’t help the economy but that is partly because they have revised history to make it look that way. Also, they have a fierce hatred for all things Trump, therefore, they can’t support the cuts or anything else that might make Trump look good. They would much rather bash

  • Human trafficking is a global concern

    By Sen. Kimberley Rosen Modern-day slavery victimizes over 27 million people worldwide, making human trafficking a global concern that affects our country at all levels. In 2012, human trafficking became the second fastest growing criminal activity in the United States, following drug trafficking, and the two crimes are often linked. That’s why it seems fitting

  • American decline

    By Margaret Cruikshank Several years ago I gave a talk titled “American Decline” to a group of Austrian students majoring in American studies. The professor was not pleased. “Too negative,” she cried, “too negative. No one will want to go there.” If I were to revisit the students in 2018, I would have much more