George Stevens Academy’s Taylor Schildroth (left) and Daniel Li, Mount Desert Island’s Colby Lee and Bucksport’s Carter Tolmasoff compete in the 100-meter dash May 18 at the Hancock County track and field championships in Bucksport. Tolmasoff edged Lee by a nose to win the race in 11.75 seconds. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY MIKE MANDELL

Local athletes have big days at Hancock County track championships

BUCKSPORT — Colors of all six Hancock County high schools adorned the Bucksport football and soccer fields Friday afternoon as the track and field season heated up with the county championships.

The meet, which marked the start of championship season, was the last before the upcoming conference and state meets. With local bragging rights and state qualifying spots on the line, it was the biggest meet of the year to date for all teams involved.

“We went in knowing we had a lot of athletes who were close to qualifying in those individual events, and it was a good opportunity for them,” Ellsworth head coach Darren Richardson said. “It was a good meet overall for our team and the other teams as well.”

Mount Desert Island won the boys’ event with 209 points, and George Stevens Academy was second with 168. Ellsworth took third place with 104, and Sumner (43), Bucksport (29) and Deer Isle-Stonington (20) rounded out the rest of the boys’ field.

Bucksport’s Abby Terry competes in the high jump during the Hancock County track and field championships May 18 in Bucksport. Athletes from all six Hancock County high schools competed in the meet, which marked the start of championship season. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY MIKE MANDELL

The MDI, GSA and Ellsworth girls’ teams finished in the same three spots with 222 points, 139 points and 124 points, respectively, Bucksport finished in fourth place with 42 points, and Sumner was fifth with three points. No Deer Isle-Stonington athletes competed in the girls’ competition.

On the boys’ side, some of the area’s top athletes battled for the title of Hancock County’s fastest runner in the 100-meter dash. The race came down to the wire with Bucksport’s Carter Tolmasoff beating MDI’s Colby Lee by 0.02 seconds. Ellsworth’s Javon Williams took third place, and George Stevens Academy’s Taylor Schildroth was fourth.

“Pretty much all of us [in the 500] know each other because we’ve competed across a bunch of other sports, and that makes it a lot of fun,” Williams said. “It was a great race. I remember Carter saying, ‘I think Colby got me,’ but then he found out he won.”

MDI swept the top-three spots in the girls’ 100-meter dash as Ashley Anderson took first, Adriana Novella claimed second and Marilyn Sawyer finished third. GSA freshman Grace Broughton was the fourth-place finisher.

GSA was the top team in the hurdles with Henry Scheff winning the boys’ 300-meter event and Eliza Broughton winning the 100- and 300-meter contests for the girls. MDI’s Elijah Joyce won the boys’ 110-meter hurdles in 16.39 seconds.

Ellsworth produced three individual event winners in the girls’ competition. Sophomore Caitlin MacPherson won the 1,600-meter run with a time of 5 minutes, 46.12 seconds, Autumn Paul won the 1,600-meter race walk in 12:31.74 as the only competitor, and Emma McKechnie cleared 4 feet, 6 inches to win the high jump.

“I compete in a few different ones, but the high jump is my favorite,” McKechnie said. “I’m trying to get to 5 [feet].”

Ellsworth’s Emma McKechnie (left) and George Stevens Academy’s Mazie Smallidge (middle) and Eliza Broughton compete in the girls’ 100-meter hurdles at the Hancock County track and field championships May 18 in Bucksport. Broughton won the race, and Smallidge and McKechnie finished second and third, respectively. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY MIKE MANDELL

Athletes from all six schools will be back in action this weekend. Ellsworth and MDI will compete in the Penobscot Valley Conference Large-School championships at 3:30 p.m. Friday, May 25, in Brewer, and Bucksport, GSA, Sumner and Deer Isle-Stonington will compete in the PVC Small-School championships at 11 a.m. Saturday, May 26, in Caribou.

“There’s a lot of good teams there, and it’s one last shot for everybody to get qualified,” Williams said. “I don’t want to not make it in an event and have to wonder if I did enough, and I know everyone feels the same way.”

Below is a list of the top-three finishers and all team scores for both the boys’ and girls’ events.

Boys’ 100-meter dash

  1. Carter Tolmasoff, Bucksport, 11.75 seconds
  2. Colby Lee, Mount Desert Island, 11.77
  3. Javon Williams, Ellsworth, 12.04

Boys’ 200-meter dash

  1. Owen Mild, MDI, 24.15
  2. Max Mattson, George Stevens Academy, 24.32
  3. Javon Williams, Ellsworth, 24.76

Boys’ 400-meter dash

  1. Owen Mild, MDI, 52.94
  2. Mike Kazmierczak, Ellsworth, 57.01
  3. Nate Sawyer, Bucksport, 57.81

Boys’ 800-meter run

  1. Meredith Bradshaw Thomas, GSA, 2:07.19
  2. Logan Carter, Sumner, 2:17.02
  3. Jose Chumbe, MDI, 2:20.63

Boys’ 1,600-meter run

  1. Brendan Penfold, Deer Isle-Stonington, 4:49.80
  2. Matt Shea, Ellsworth, 4:51.90
  3. Beckett Markosian, Ellsworth, 4:53.71

Boys’ 3,200-meter run

  1. Brendan Penfold, DI-S, 10:28.46
  2. Matt Shea, Ellsworth, 10:32.65
  3. Luke Barnes, Sumner, 11:25.44

Boys’ 110-meter hurdles

  1. Elijah Joyce, MDI, 16.39
  2. Henry Scheff, GSA, 17.86
  3. Benton Bird, Ellsworth, 20.01

Boys’ 300-meter hurdles

  1. Jeremiah Scheff, GSA, 45.13
  2. Henry Scheff, GSA, 45.96
  3. Benton Bird, Ellsworth, 48.98

Boys’ 4-by-100 relay

  1. MDI, 45.62
  2. GSA, 47.01
  3. Ellsworth, 47.40

Boys’ 4-by-400 relay

  1. GSA, 3:53.64
  2. MDI, 3:55.32
  3. Ellsworth, 3:57.00

Boys’ 4-by-800 relay

  1. GSA, 9:37.79
  2. MDI, 9:52.21
  3. Sumner, 11:07.78

Boys’ 1,600-meter race walk

  1. Ian Howell, GSA, 8:37.98
  2. Parker Allen, GSA, 9:30.91
  3. Nyamh Wolf, GSA, 10:20.81

Boys’ high jump

  1. Max Mattson, GSA, 5 feet, 8 inches
  2. Billy Kerley, MDI, 5-6
  3. Beck Deeny, Ellsworth, 5-4

Boys’ long jump

  1. Daniel Li, GSA, 18-6
  2. Billy Kerley, MDI, 18-5
  3. Atticus Deeny, Ellsworth, 18-2 1/4

Boys’ triple jump

  1. Max Mattson, GSA, 38-4 1/4
  2. Atticus Deeny, Ellsworth, 38-4
  3. Beck Deeny, Ellsworth, 37-5 1/2

Boys’ shot put

  1. Croix Albee, MDI, 51-4
  2. Samuel Hoff, MDI, 42-8
  3. Micah Hallett, MDI, 41-4

Boys’ discus throw

  1. Croix Albee, MDI, 139-5
  2. Samuel Hoff, MDI, 126-9
  3. Micah Hallett, MDI, 118-5

Boys’ javelin throw

  1. Joe Norwood, GSA, 145-5
  2. Elijah Joyce, MDI, 137-0
  3. Croix Albee, MDI, 132-10

Boys’ pole vault

  1. Elijah Denning, MDI, 11-0
  2. (2T) Ben Freudig, MDI, 8-6
  3. (2T) Calvin Partin, MDI, 8-6

Boys’ team scores

  1. MDI, 209
  2. GSA, 168
  3. Ellsworth, 104
  4. Sumner, 43
  5. Bucksport, 29
  6. DI-S, 20

Girls’ 100-meter dash

  1. Ashley Anderson, MDI, 12.86
  2. Adriana Novella, MDI, 13.54
  3. Marilyn Sawyer, MDI, 13.82

Girls’ 200-meter dash

  1. Ashley Anderson, MDI, 26.34
  2. Marilyn Sawyer, MDI, 28.48
  3. Grace Broughton, GSA, 29.34

Girls’ 400-meter dash

  1. Mary Brenna Catus, GSA, 1:04.80
  2. Addie Morrison, Bucksport, 1:06.66
  3. Meaghan Goodine, Bucksport, 1:06.98

Girls’ 800-meter run

  1. Zoe Olson, MDI, 2:28.20
  2. Margo Kenyon, Ellsworth, 2:29.80
  3. Zeya Lorio, GSA, 2:30.90

Girls’ 1,600-meter run

  1. Caitlin MacPherson, Ellsworth, 5:46.12
  2. Abby Mazgaj, Ellsworth, 5:50.89
  3. Katelyn Osborne, MDI, 5:51.05

Girls’ 3,200-meter run

  1. Mary Richardson, GSA, 12:05.11
  2. Eliza Broughton, GSA, 13:04.38
  3. Olivia Watson, MDI, 13:15.67

Girls’ 100-meter hurdles

  1. Eliza Broughton, GSA, 17.69
  2. Mazie Smallidge, GSA, 19.13
  3. Emma McKechnie, Ellsworth, 19.91

Girls’ 300-meter hurdles

  1. Eliza Broughton, GSA, 49.85
  2. Kiona Osterlin, Ellsworth, 52.81
  3. Mazie Smallidge, GSA, 56.03

Girls’ 4-by-100 relay

  1. MDI, 52.61
  2. Ellsworth, 1:00.10

Girls’ 4-by-400 relay

  1. MDI, 4:31.38
  2. GSA, 4:35.10
  3. Ellsworth, 5:00.19

Girls’ 4-by-800 relay

  1. MDI, 10:30.75
  2. GSA, 10:43.02

Girls’ 1,600-meter race walk

  1. Autumn Paul, Ellsworth, 12:31.74

Girls’ high jump

  1. Emma McKechnie, Ellsworth, 4-6
  2. Emily Erickson, Bucksport, 4-4
  3. Julia Perconti, MDI, 4-4

Girls’ long jump

  1. Loren Genrich, MDI, 16-4 1/2
  2. Alyssa Graychase, Bucksport, 15-3 3/4
  3. Anna Brown, Ellsworth, 14-3 1/2

Girls’ triple jump

  1. Syra Gutow, GSA, 31-6 3/4
  2. Jillian Driscoll, MDI, 29-4 1/2
  3. Mazie Smallidge, GSA, 28-11 1/2

Girls’ shot put

  1. Dori LeMoine, MDI, 32-5 1/2
  2. Alicia Norberg, MDI, 31-6 3/4
  3. Mackenzie Hanna, MDI, 31-6 1/2

Girls’ discus throw

  1. Mackenzie Hanna, MDI, 91-8
  2. Dori LeMoine, MDI, 79-11
  3. Autumn Paul, Ellsworth, 77-3

Girls’ javelin throw

  1. Dori LeMoine, MDI, 101-11
  2. Mackenzie Hanna, MDI, 86-2
  3. Alicia Norberg, MDI, 78-8

Girls’ pole vault

  1. Ava Sealander, GSA, 7-0
  2. Julia Perconti, MDI, 6-0
  3. Gabriyah Gadsby, GSA, 5-6

Girls’ team scores

  1. MDI, 222
  2. GSA, 139
  3. Ellsworth, 124
  4. Bucksport, 42
  5. Sumner, 3
Mike Mandell

Mike Mandell

Mike Mandell is the sports editor at The Ellsworth American and Mount Desert Islander. He began working for The American in August 2016. You can reach him via email at [email protected]

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