Eagles Dominate Raiders

BLUE HILL —The GSA Eagles continued their Class C dominance as they took two matches from the Washington Academy Raiders. The boys cruised to a 5-0 win while the girls won 4-1.


GSA 5, Washington Academy 0

Johnny Zue over Romayn Richards 8-3
Max Reiter over Will Manchester 8-1
Jasper Adam over Yizhuo Li 8-3

Eric Kim and Liam Russell over Jordan Porter and Nick Raye 8-3
Jesus Henares and Sam Hodgkin over Caleb Beal and Cameron Morrison 8-3


GSA 4, Washington Academy 1

Mia Batljan (WA) over Grace Jackson 8-4
Sotherd Steer over Liz Stanley Porter 8-2
Tierney Hally over Felicia Pepin 8-4

Caroline Altman and Hannah Van der Eb over Kira Arnold and Clara Casas 8-2
Vesta Davis and Maddie Theoharidis over Ashley Varney and Mara Lookabaugh 8-0


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