Softball League Readies for Finals

BAR HARBOR — Good-natured taunts and hard-hitting encouragement resounded across the Bar Harbor Athletic Field last Thursday evening in the last regular season game of the Mount Desert Island Women’s Softball League.

Facing off against the Ax Slingers, a new team this year, Mainely Meat took an early lead over its opponents with seven runs in the first inning alone. Mainely Meat maintained its lead in subsequent innings with three home runs and bat-breaking line drives.

While Mainely Meat dominated the game for a final score of 21 to 4, banter between the pitcher and batters on the opposing team kept up the energy all evening.

“I’m gonna throw you a big meatball,” Mainely Meat pitcher Darcy Stillman said at one point.

The Ax Slingers were not without their moments, either. Co-captain and pitcher Tiffany Gaspar nabbed a stinging line drive at the bottom of the fifth inning, and her pitches had some of the more seasoned members of the Mainly Meat team swinging for air.

Despite the difference in runs, Ms. Gaspar was proud of her team’s growth over the season. “We’ve gone from a few people who know nothing about softball and turned it around into a team. I think that’s pretty impressive.”

Co-captain of the Mainely Meat team, Anne Czechanski, also was optimistic after her team’s victory. “We’re really on an upward swing,” she said “And we’re excited for the playoffs this next week. We feel we’ve improved a lot.”

Ms. Gaspar and co-captain Jennifer Wright helped form the Ax Slingers so the league could have the requisite four teams to continue this season. The MDI Women’s Softball League has been cracking bats for more than 25 years.

The other two teams in the league are Gott’s Diggers and GT Outhouses.

The winner of the playoffs will be determined through a double elimination system.

The playoff games were scheduled to be held at the Bar Harbor Athletic Fields at 6 p.m. on July 30 and Aug. 1. The finals games will be scheduled the second week of August.

Joining the league is a matter or grabbing a glove and going, though players must be 18 at the start of their first game. “There is a core group of players,” said Ms. Gaspar. “But sometimes people can just show up because we are short of players.”

The league is sponsored by MDI Tree Services and Savage Tree Services which is the official sponsor of the Ax Slingers, Mainely Meat, GT Outhouses, and Doug Gott and Sons.

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