Masked players pass around the ball during an Acadia Fire practice session this winter at the club’s “firehouse” facility in Trenton. The program is looking for a new facility after moving out of the facility in December. EMILY ELLIS PHOTO

Acadia Fire in search of outdoor space for new facility

TRENTON — Acadia Fire Soccer Academy is looking for a new playing space to replace its old facility on Bar Harbor Road in Trenton.

Acadia Fire moved out of the facility in December after being unable to hold practices or events in it during the novel coronavirus pandemic. The move, Executive Director Emily Ellis said, was “due to the building not being properly ventilated and limited in spacing for socially distanced programming.”

“Now, more than ever, it has become very apparent that, for the club to continue to thrive, Acadia Fire needs an indoor turf facility and outdoor fields,” Ellis said. “Without school gymnasiums or playing fields available due to COVID, getting teams together to practice in person will continue to be hard to facilitate.”

Over the summer, Acadia Fire held practices at new fields adjacent to Mud Creek Road in Lamoine. With winter weather making outdoor play unfeasible, though, players and teams have been forced to travel nearly two hours southwest to Warren to find playing opportunities.

Ellis said Acadia Fire is seeking space “to rent, buy or build new” to provide soccer facilities as well as batting cages, an indoor driving range and spaces for ultimate frisbee competitions and birthday parties. It is seeking the help of local donors, businesses and other organizations to begin the project.

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