Scampered wins MDI relay

BAR HARBOR — A nine-member team called “Scampered and Still Furious” won the tenth annual MDI relay run held on July 4 with 12 teams competing and 9 finishing. The winning time was 7:44:43.

Each year, the MDI relay circles the entire perimeter of Mount Desert Island and covers 62 miles, touching every town and village on the island. The Barbie dolls used as relay batons are handed from runner to runner as part of the costumed festivities.

The event is put on by Crow Athletics running club. Visit for more information.

Total team results:

Scampered and Still Furious, 7:44:43

Crow Athletics, 7:45:07

Crabwalking, 8:06:00

JAX Seniors, 8:31:29

PorMe LeiMe, 9:05:00

The Narwhal Project, 9:06:42

JAX Juniors, 9:28:21

Maelstrom of Awesomeness, 10:09:38

Cadillac Chasers, 10:23:39

Born on the 4th of July, did not finish

E.T., did not finish

Slavchek, did not finish

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