Veterans Remembrance 4-miler honors Maine veterans

ELLSWORTH — Some 200 runners braved the cold for Sunday morning’s second annual Veterans Remembrance 4-miler at the Down East Family YMCA.

Race organizers Robin Clarke and Joelle Ingalls partnered with The Summit Project — a Maine-based organization that pays tribute to soldiers from Maine who have died.

Ten local runners each carried a stone, provided by the project, bearing the name of a fallen Maine soldier.

Clarke was assigned the stone of Army Capt. Christopher S. Cash. The heavy rock proved to be a challenge. Clarke said she tried different positions such as cradling it and holding it above her head — none of which were comfortable.

“It was a burden,” Clarke said. “But if he can give his life for us, I can certainly carry this rock for four miles.”

Clarke said she thought of the stone as a symbol of the weight Cash’s family carries without him.

“I was really thinking about how his wife was contacted,” Clarke said. “How did they tell his kids? I was imagining the grief that they carry holidays, birthdays and, of course, Veterans Day.”

Other locals who carried stones were Ingalls, Tony McKim, Jessica Casey, Patrick Kimmel, Heidi Garrison, Josh Steward, Jason Garrison, Steve Sullivan and Dotty Small.

Louie Luchini, 34, finished the four-mile course first overall in 21 minutes and six seconds. Mary Richardson, 15, was the first female finisher in 27:57.

Jason Hardison, 35, was the first male veteran to finish in 28:53. Katie Denning, 34, was the top female veteran in 36:51.

The following were the top finishers in each age group:

Male age 0-10: Matthew Cormier, 9, first in 35:31.

Female age 0-10: Caroline Mazgaj, 10, first in 40.36. Ana Marie Scheff, 10, second in 41:31.

Male age 11-19: Matt Shea, 13, first in 26:27. Noah Tiemann, 16, second in 31:12.

Female age 11-19: Abigail Mazgaj, 12, first in 31:22. Sara Shea, 12, second in 36:05.

Male age 20-29: Philipp Niggemann, 22, first in 25:29. Nick Brown, 28, second in 29:41.

Female age 20-29: Veronica Wentworth, 25, first in 30:30. Amanda Young, 28, second in 33:43.

Male age 30-39: Matthew Revitt, 33, first in 25:36. Stuart Siddons, 30, second in 26:32.

Female age 30-39: Heather Knapp, 35, first in 29:08. Laureen Libby, 38, second in 30:05.

Male age 40-49: Perry LeBreton, 41, first in 23:41. Rob Shea, 42, second in 24:50.

Female age 40-49: Becky Richardson, 44, first in 30:21. Kim Formby, 46, second in 34:47.

Male age 50-59: Dave Farrar, 59, first in 28:22. Andrew Tiemann, 58, second in 32:11.

Female age 50-59: Lisa Kearns, 52, first in 33:37. Gayle Whittier, 59, second in 34:24.

Male age 60-69: Thomas Murphy, 63, first in 31:41. Dave Samuelian (veteran), 69, second in 36:02.

Female age 60-69: Donna Kausen, 62, first in 34:40. Robin Emery, 69, second in 42:57.

Male age 70+: Lloyd Harmon, 75, first in 35:20.

Female age 70+: Mary Alice Bruce, 77, first in 50:08.

Find photos of this race here.

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