Runners congregate at the starting line prior to the Veterans Remembrance Road Race on Nov. 7 behind the Down East Family YMCA’s Russell Wiggins Center in Ellsworth. Seventy-seven runners participated in this year’s running of race, the Y’s third of the 2021 racing season. DOWN EAST FAMILY YMCA PHOTO

DEFY holds 8th Veterans Remembrance Road Race

ELLSWORTH — Road race season resumed over the weekend with Down East Family YMCA holding its third event of the year.

Seventy-seven local runners participated Sunday in the Veterans Remembrance Road Race behind DEFY’s James Russell Wiggins Center in Ellsworth. Seventy-seven runners participated in the event, proceeds from which went toward the Maine Veterans Project and The Summit Project.

The overall race win went to David Kerschner, who crossed the finish line in 22 minutes, 0.8 seconds to win by more than a minute. Rounding out the top-five overall finishers were Jonhaven Chapman-Cevasco (23:09.0), Judson Cake (23:22.6), Andrew Knightly (23:27.8) and Peter Williams (23:45.0).

Kristine Guaraldo (29:09.3, 15th place overall) beat out Deedra Dapice (29:14.5, 16th place overall) to win the women’s event. Christa Brey (32:50.7, 29th overall) won the women’s veteran event, and Chris Cooper (30:47.1, 19th overall) won the men’s veteran competition.

Below is a list of the top-25 finishers from the race.

  1. David Kerschner, 22:00.8
  2. Jonhaven Chapman-Cevasco, 23:09.0
  3. Judson Cake, 23:22.6
  4. Andrew Knightly, 23:27.8
  5. Peter Williams, 23:45.0
  6. David Haluska, 23:54.6
  7. Rob Shea, 25:08.9
  8. Tim Collins, 25:29.7
  9. Matthew Haire, 25:36.2
  10. Matthew Revitt, 25:50.4
  11. Chris Cooper, 26:44.4
  12. Joe Roberts, 28:43.3
  13. Edward Hughes, 28:49.7
  14.  Scott Lamontagne, 29:00.0
  15. Kristine Guaraldo, 29:09.3
  16. Deedra Dapice, 29:14.5
  17. Marc Dupuy, 29:27.0
  18. Jason McGlaughlin, 30:43.8
  19. Chris Cooper, 30:47.1
  20. Lisa Kingsbury, 30:52.0
  21. Jon Forbes, 31:47.6
  22. Dave Farrar, 31:55.8
  23. Kassie Strout, 32:11.4
  24. Katrina Bisheimer, 31:29.9
  25. Paul Schultz, 32:34.1

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