Wendy Schweikert

Claim to fame: Currently a publishers’ sales representative, she is well known as co-owner of The Grasshopper Shop and former manager of its Stonington branch.

Dancing experience: Attended junior high school cotillion; danced in theater productions at area venues, took one year of ballet as a child and modern dance classes in high school.

Dances: Country two-step and cha-cha. Music to be selected after couple find which tempos work best for them.

Practice schedule: Started rehearsing and choreographing steps in early February, meet once a week for two hours.

Dancing with Ellsworth Stars: “It’s all new to me, and he’s got some great moves. I’m having fun, but it’s really hard work. I’m very grateful that I don’t have to lead because I really don’t know what I’m doing. [Director] David [Lamon] said, ‘Have fun and put on a show.’ That’s what we’re focusing on.”


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