Local cross-country teams, runners have strong days at weekend meets

SULLIVAN — Hancock County enjoyed two strong days in cross-country over the weekend with local teams and runners earning wins and other solid results in weekend meets in Sullivan and Old Town.

On Friday, this year’s Seacoast Invitational was held at Sumner Memorial High School. Runners from Sumner, Bucksport, George Stevens Academy and Deer Isle-Stonington formed the Hancock County contingent in the 3.05-mile race.

GSA freshmen won both the boys’ and girls’ events with Sol Lorio claiming first on the boys’ race side a time of 18 minutes, 38 seconds and Thea Crowley winning the girls’ crown in 21:24. The Eagles won the boys’ meet with 25 points as Narraguagus earned 27 points in the girls’ meet to nip GSA’s 28.

Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island traveled to Old Town for Saturday’s Old Town Invitational sectional meet. MDI completed an impressive sweep of the boys’ and girls’ titles as the Ellsworth boys placed fifth. The Eagles did not field enough runners to earn a girls’ team score.

Individually, MDI’s Ponce Saltysiak (second place) and Ellsworth’s Nick Cormier (third place) finished as the top-two local runners with times of 18:02.80 and 18:15.34, respectively. Ellsworth’s Caitlin MacPherson placed fourth to finish as the top Hancock County girl, and MDI’s Callan Eason (fifth place), Katelyn Osborne (sixth place) and Grace Munger (eighth) also finished in the top 10.

Local cross-country runners will return to action next Saturday, Oct. 5, for the Festival of Champions at Troy Howard Middle School in Belfast. The event will begin at 11 a.m.

Listed are the top-10 boys’ and girls’ finishers and all local team scores from both meets.

Boys’ individual, Seacoast Invitational

  1. Sol Lorio, George Stevens Academy, 18 minutes, 38 seconds
  2. Luke Barnes, Sumner, 18:47
  3. Logan Carter, Sumner, 18:51
  4. Caden Mattson, GSA, 19:06
  5. Clark Morrison, GSA, 19:13
  6. David Hileman, Bucksport, 19:15
  7. Ian Renwick, GSA, 19:17
  8. Henry Penfold, Deer Isle-Stonington, 19:54
  9. Oliver Wilson, GSA, 19:59
  10.  Jason Weaver, Machias, 20:04

Girls’ individual, Seacoast Invitational

  1. Thea Crowley, GSA, 21:24
  2. Sophia McVicar, Calais, 23:30
  3. Jaydin Anderson, Machias, 23:32
  4. Ashlee Morang, Shead, 23:41
  5. Josie Czuj, GSA, 24:07
  6. Ashlyn Cashman, Narraguagus, 26:14
  7. Dayana Ortiz, Narraguagus, 26:19
  8. Bianka Alejo, Narraguagus, 27:06
  9. Skye Howard, Sumner, 27:20
  10. Sarah Bartlett, Shead, 27:39

Boys’ team scores (local), Seacoast Invitational

  1. GSA, 25
  2. Bucksport, 60
  3. Sumner, 74

Girls’ team scores (local), Seacoast Invitational

  • 2. GSA, 28

Boys’ individual, Old Town Invitational

  1. Jordan Duplissie, Caribou, 18:00.06
  2. Ponce Saltysiak, Mount Desert Island, 18:02.80
  3. Nick Cormier, Ellsworth, 18:15.34
  4. Dylan Fowler, Hermon, 18:19.71
  5. Jon Genrich, MDI, 18:20.40
  6. Ben Zapsky, Hermon, 18:20.69
  7. Stephen Grierson, MDI, 18:28.42
  8. Malachai Willey, Caribou, 18:28.83
  9. Tucker Ellis, Orono, 18:28.94
  10. Calvin Partin, MDI, 18:29.42

Girls’ individual, Old Town Invitational

  1. Olivia Mosca, Brewer, 20:33.25
  2. Anna Jandreau, Presque Isle, 20:38.44
  3. Kay Bell, Caribou, 21:02.30
  4. Caitlin MacPherson, Ellsworth, 21:10.92
  5. Callan Eason, MDI, 21:36.12
  6. Katelyn Osborne, MDI, 21:38.68
  7. Erin Gerbi, Orono, 21:42.25
  8. Grace Munger, MDI, 21:58.86
  9. Julia White, Orono, 22:06.42
  10. Teagan Ewings, Houlton, 22:13.97

Boys’ team scores (local), Old Town Invitational

  • 1. MDI, 40
  • 5. Ellsworth, 68

Girls’ team scores (local), Old Town Invitational

  • 1. MDI, 37

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