Photo By Taylor Vortherms

Ellsworth’s Haley Lawrence places 10th overall at Festival of Champions

Photo By Taylor Vortherms
Senior Haley Lawrence of the Ellsworth Eagles made her mark as one of Maine’s top girl runners, placing 10th overall in a fi eld of 693 runners at Saturday’s Festival of Champions.

BELFAST — Of the 1,600 high school runners who competed in the 13th annual Festival of Champions, almost all wore expressions of anguish on their faces in the final stretch of the 5K course at Troy Howard Middle School.

Haley Lawrence of Ellsworth was not one of them. The senior smiled as she sprinted through the chute towards the finish line in the seeded girls’ race, finishing eighth in 19 minutes and 26.29 seconds. Lawrence placed 10th overall among 693 finishers for the girls.

Two of George Stevens Academy’s younger runners led the Eagle squads in their competition.

Sophomore John Hassett placed 32nd overall with his time of 16:56.48 among the 864 boys who completed the course.

GSA freshman Eliza Broughton placed seventh among freshmen girls and was 44th overall with her time of 20:31.18 seconds.

While the Mount Desert Island Trojan girls saw their string of three consecutive championships come to an end, they turned in a solid showing, placing sixth among 35 teams with their score of 273.

Senior Caroline Driscoll led the MDI girls, placing 15th overall in 19:33.55.

She was followed by freshman Lydia DaCorte, 47th in 20:34.58; senior Waylon Henggeler, 51st in 20:43.79; junior Sakura Sunagawa, 84th in 21:22.48; freshman India Janes, 88th in 21:25.54; sophomore Emma Strong, 151st in 22:11.32; junior Xingyao Chen, 261st in 23:12.07; sophomore Erin White, 266th in 23:13.67; senior Sydney Wright, 301st in 23:31.87; freshman Emily Banks, 353rd in 24:18.59; senior Anita Wray, 380th in 24:39.17; freshman Ava Drennan, 455th in 25:22.60; and sophomore Megan Howell, 625th in 28:39.42.

The GSA girls’ team placed 14th with a score of 500. Junior Hanna Gutow placed 59th overall with a time of 20:51.83. Freshman Zeya Lorio finished 129th in 21:55.69. Freshman Mary Richardson placed 138th in 22:02.02. Sophomore Bella Cimeno placed 175th in 22:23.91. Sophomore Emma Larson-Whittaker placed 207th in 22:47.21. Junior Rachel DesFosses placed 221st in 22:53.58. Freshman Hanna Jordan placed 257th in 23:09.47. Senior Madison Cole placed 426th in 25:00.33. Sophomore Lanie Billings placed 497th in 26:01.90. Sophomore Maddie DesFosses placed 502nd in 26:07.02. Senior Lauren Ran placed 543rd in 26:53.76. Junior Megan Gale placed 636th in 29:06.30. Sophomore Sarah Mullen placed 664th in 30:50.33. Sophomore Maya Ibarguen placed 669th in 31:17.48. Sophomore Johanna Schuller placed 688th in 35:12.23. Junior Daria Pelini placed 689th in 36:20.43.

The Ellsworth girls’ team placed 31st with a score of 861. Senior Mariah Brown placed 166th overall in 22:19.63. Senior Olivia Lounder placed 248th in 23:02.66. Junior Julia Zavaleta placed 288th in 23:23.63. Senior Emine Mutlu placed 626th in 28:39.71.  Senior Bailey Neale placed 662nd in 30:44.64.

For the Bucksport girls, jujior Natalie Coleman led the way, placing 134th in 21:59.19. Sophomore Natasha Clement placed 178th overall in 22:24.70.  Freshman Ansley Bernier placed 652nd in 29:39.98. Junior Mavis Taungatua’a placed 661st in 30:41.44.

For the Sumner girls, sophomore Cassidy Lee placed 616th in 28:16.25.

The MDI boys placed 20th of 65 teams with a score of 614.

Junior Peter Philbrook led the way for the Trojans, placing 94th in 17:52.73.

He was followed by a pair of seniors — Jordan Harris, 102nd in 17:58.00, and Ralph Magnani, 103rd in 17:58.33.

Behind them came senior Ethan Craigo, 156th in 18:27.30; junior Dylan Harris, 201st in 18:47.15; senior David Anderson, 259th in 19:05.74; sophomore Josh Bloom, 385th in 19:53.69; junior Bryce DiMauro, 548th in 21:05.86; junior Matthew Lambert, 556th in 21:12.09; freshman Oliver King, 591st in 21:34.81; sophomore Ben Watson, 668th in 22:22.76; and freshman Matthew Perconti, 721st in 22:56.69.

The GSA boys placed 34th with a score of 960. Junior Oliver Broughton placed 245th overall in 19:01.92. Junior Devlin Valle placed 258th in 19:05.58. Senior Tate Yoder placed 272nd in 19:10.22. Junior Aylen Wolf placed 327th in 19:31.90. Senior Michael Salois placed 334th in 19:35.13. Junior Frank Schweizer placed 458th in 20:24.38. Sophomore Tyler Ray placed 483rd in 20:35.93. Freshman Dylan DesFosses placed 497th in 20:39.87. Junior Griffin Shute placed 512th in 20:49.20. Senior Nathaniel Boechat placed 746th in 23:20.83. Freshman Berlioz Xu placed 830th in 25:56.65. Sophomore Rhett Cheng placed 836th in 26:21.18. Freshman Alex Sherwood placed 842nd in 26:34.23. Freshman Oscar Sun placed 866th in 39:40.93.

The Ellsworth boys placed 65th with a score of 2,054. Senior Derek Look placed 590th overall in 21:34.73. Freshman Austin Baron placed 628th in 22:02.13. Junior Noah Robidoux placed 692nd in 22:36.11. Freshman Collin Lima placed 832nd in 26:00.99. Junior Tim Curts placed 844th in 26:38.90.

For the Bucksport boys, junior Skyler Fraga placed 161st overall in 18:30.50. Senior Michael Soteres placed 557th in 21:12.38.

For the Sumner boys, sophomore Dylan Bernaquer placed 666th overall in 22:21.96. Sophomore Nicholas Kimball placed 745th in 23:20.46.

Taylor Vortherms

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