Winners show off their trophies at the Tracy’s Tournament of Champions on Oct. 27 at Bucksport High School. Those pictured include (first-place, under-black belt; first row, from left) Kieran Everett, Levi Windsor, Sawyer Stoliker, Kaylie Edgerly and Beckett Knight; (second place, under-black belt; second row, from left), Ezekiel Illingworth, Victoria McCrum, Keenan Barry, Molly Ritter and Porter Bell; (first place, black belt; third row, from left) Justin Dawes, Scott Stewart, Emily Edgerly and Shawn Murphy; (second place, black belt; fourth row, from left) Dylan Coty, Natalie Jagels, Kristy Dawes, John Baranowski and Ed Hatch.

Tracy’s Karate holds state team event, Tournament of Champions

BUCKSPORT — The Tournament of Champions, hosted by Dennis and Karen Tracy of Tracy’s Karate on Oct. 27, brought approximately 200 competitors from Maine and Canada to Bucksport’s Ralph Jewett Gymnasium.

The tournament featured team fighting, which placed competitors on separate team drawn from different dojos. More than 20 teams competed for the right to be crowned grand champion, and one grand championship winner was declared for each individual fighting category.

The Bucksport branch of Tracy’s Karate brought home numerous awards, including a sweep of the first-, second- and third place in the adult “under-black belt” throwing division for the second straight tournament. Five students from the Bucksport branch claimed grand championships in their respective fighting divisions.

Also held at Bucksport High School recently were the Maine state team championships. Nearly 200 people competed in the tournament, which featured competitors as young as 4 years of age and as old as 75.

In the under-black belt division, the team of Kieran Everett, Levi Windsor, Sawyer Stoliker, Kaylie Edgerly and Beckett Knight took the first-place prize. The winning black belt team consisted of Jonathan Robinson, Justin Dawes, Scott Stewart, Emily Edgerly and Shawn Murphy.

Each year, the Maine Ketsugo & Karate Association awards scholarship money to martial artists who are attending college. A total of more than $100,000 has been awarded to college bound martial arts students during the past 45 years. This year, three students were given $700 each to contribute toward their respective educations.

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