GSA Leads the Way in Class C

BLUE HILL — Both GSA teams improved their records to 4-1, defeating Orono on Thursday and besting both Stearns of Millinocket and Schenck of East Millinocket in doubleheader action on Monday.

The Lady Eagles are tied with the Deer Isle-Stonington Mariners for the top spot in Class C Heal Points through games played Saturday May 2.


Ellsworth 4, GSA 1
Singles: Spencer Small (E) over Elias Springer 8-3, Nick Reese (E) over Michael Senter-Zapata 8-6, Alex Keefe (E) over Dillon Morris 8-5. Doubles: Max Reiter and Charlie Volkwein (GSA) over Dillon Toothaker and Tyler Small 9-8 (9-7), Brandon Albee and Justin Harding (E) over Will Brokaw and Lucas Yoder 8-6.

GSA 4, Orono 1
Singles: Springer (GSA) over Paul Ohno 8-5, Senter-Zapata (GSA) over Nikolai Renedo 8-4, Morris (GSA) over Joe Riemersma 8-0. Doubles: Reiter and Volkwein (GSA) over Ben Rose and Ben Innis 8-4, Martin Halada and Karl Cleary (O) over Brokaw and Yoder 8-5.

GSA 4, Schenck 1
Singles: Aaron Hutchins (S) over Senter-Zapata 8-3, Morris (GSA) over Jerome York 8-4, Volkwein (GSA) over Aaron Ewing 8-4. Doubles: Brokaw and Yoder (GSA) over Rylon McAdam and Aaron Vienneau 8-3, Forest Barkdoll-Weil and Hayden Fresh (GSA) over Jared Lyons and Cameron Okeson 8-0.

GSA 3, Stearns 2
Singles: Senter-Zapata (GSA) over Josh Chubbuck-MacDonald 8-3, Morris (GSA) over Mark Rucci 8-6, Volkwein (GSA) over Jared McGillicuddy 8-4. Doubles: Andrew Rideout and Kevin Busque (S) over Brokaw and Yoder 8-3, Daniel MacKenzie and Kameron LaPlante (S) over Barkdoll-Weil and Fesh 8-2.


Ellsworth 5, GSA 0
Singles: Miranda Grant over Southerd Steer 8-3, Ashley Harding over Katie Herklotz 9-7, Clarissa Winkleman over Roz Brokaw 8-3. Doubles: Holly Wadman and Caitlin Maloney over Grace Jackson and Vesta Davis 8-6, Danel White and Paige Lewis over Tierney Hally and Hannah Van der Eb 8-3.

GSA 3, Orono 2
Singles: Steer (GSA) over. Kelsey Johnson 8-3, Julie Bunker (O) over Herklotz 8-4, Devon Riley (O) over Brokaw 8-2. Doubles: Jackson and Davis (GSA) over Jessica Riley and Eve Payne 7-7 (forfeit), Hally and Ramsay Williamson (GSA) over Virginia Lopez-Anido and Chelsea Husson 8-4.

GSA 5, Schenck 0
Singles: Steer over Christina Ballard 8-1, Herklotz over Lauren Lowell 8-1, Roz Brokaw over Toni Thompson 8-1. Doubles: Jackson and Davis over Karlie Michaud and Michaela Watts 8-6, Hally and Sarah Elliott by forfeit.

GSA 5, Stearns 0
Singles: Steer over Faith Harmon 8-3, Herklotz over Kaylee Bradford 8-0, Roz Park over Carolina Fernandez 8-1. Doubles: Jackson and Davis by forfeit, Hally and Elliott by forfeit.

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