Outdoors in Maine

  • Heavy weather

    How does that saying go? “Fool me once shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me.” Why is it that some of us never learn from our mistakes? In my book “Backtrack,” chapter four is titled “The Lightning Thing.” Here is an excerpt: “A few years ago, in early September, I tried to outrun

  • Fall game bird outlook

    Fall game bird outlook

    Truth be known, the bloom is off the rose for me when it comes to upland bird hunting. It just isn’t the same when your favorite gun dog is no longer of this earth. But my memory still works, and the intense pleasure of breathing cool fall air against a color-coated autumn backdrop while watching

  • The bird watchers

    The bird watchers

    For some reason, there is a popular misconception that anyone who hunts — say a grouse hunter who kills and eats a game bird — would not also be a bird watcher. Not necessarily so. Hunting and bird watching are not mutually exclusive. Take me, for example. Like most dedicated hunters, I hunt partly because

  • Missing: Maine’s deer man

    Make no mistake about it. When it comes to Maine’s most important wildlife game species, our whitetail deer are at the very top of the list. There are a number of reasons, not the least of which is the enormous impact that deer have on Maine’s overall economy, as well as the budget and income

  • The Maine “Coywolf” ploy

    As former Maine deer biologist Gerry Lavigne reported recently in the SAM News, there has been a flurry of media coverage purporting that Maine’s eastern coyote is getting larger and taking on more wolf-like characteristics. On TV, “Bill Green’s Outdoors” featured a segment and the Portland Press Herald carried a story by Diedre Fleming. Is

  • Deer: The pre-baiting issue

    Deer: The pre-baiting issue

    Maine outdoor writer Steve Carpenteri, in a recent article in the Northwoods Sporting Journal, posed a number of questions related to the baiting of deer by hunters. He then answered those questions in an informative and useful way. While many states allow the hunting of deer over unnatural bait, including neighboring New Hampshire, Maine is

  • Moose hunt preparation

    Moose hunt preparation

    Question: What’s more exciting than winning a million dollars in Powerball? Answer: Winning a moose hunting permit in the Maine Moose Lottery. If you are one of the lucky 2,080 moose permit winners for 2017, a word to the wise: plan ahead for your fall hunt. I mean really plan ahead. Because a Maine moose

  • Any-deer permits

    For Maine deer hunters who plan ahead, this is the time of year to submit your applications for the annual drawing of any-deer (doe) permits. Statewide this year, the Department of Fish and Wildlife will issue about 66,000 any-deer permits. This is 20,000 more doe permits than were issued in 2016 — a 45 percent

  • The Rangeley Lakes region

    Whether you are a Maine resident or a regular visitor, you know that you can count on one thing: Maine is a special place this time of the year. Once most of the bugs have gone by and the weather systems settle down, Maine really shines! No matter how many Maine summers stir my soul,