Outdoors in Maine

  • Bridging the gap

    Recently Maine’s new fish and wildlife commissioner, Judy Camuso, was a studio guest on “Maine Calling,” an interactive radio program on the National Public Radio station in Portland. She performed well as she outlined the goals and challenges of the department in the months ahead. The control of coyote populations in the North Woods by

  • Green drake finale

    A Hex, or if your Latin is good, a Hexagenia limbata, is a bomber-size Mayfly that shows up on Maine trout ponds in mid-summer, usually early July. For a trout, they are a turkey dinner with all the fixings — a chance to get the most amount of food for the least amount of effort.

  • The shack

    Have you found that as you grow older the things that are special to you become even more special with the passing years? For me, one of these has been what our family fondly calls “the shack.” Visiting it the other day for the first time in too many months, it began talking to me

  • Black flies

    Look, most of us who love to fish Maine in early June expect to be swatting a few bugs, right? When I was a lad fishing with Dad he always lathered me up with that black, foul-smelling Old Woodsman fly dope. I’d complain about the stinky stuff and whine about the buzzing hordes and he

  • Doe permits below last year

    This is the time of year when Maine’s state regional wildlife biologists examine their deer data in each of their wildlife management districts (WMDs) and make recommendations for the issuance of any-deer or doe permits in their respective districts. Last year a record 84,745 any-deer permits were issued. That was 20 percent higher than any

  • Aroostook County deer forum

    Not so long ago, deer numbers in northern Maine were at a crisis point. It was said, not jokingly, that in some Aroostook County townships the lynx, a federally listed endangered species, was more prevalent than deer!   The deer situation has improved some in the County, but tough winters and continued predation holds back

  • Bring them along carefully

    It was mid-November in the Big Deer Woods. A northeast wind was rocking the hemlock tops and pushing a cold, pelting rain that seemed to penetrate the slicker beneath my wool hunting shirt. The damp, raw day was in my pores. Noon or not, it was time to call it a day. Heading back to

  • Shades of gray

    Those of us who winter over in the South get spoiled in a lot of ways. For one thing, we tend to take the sun for granted. Day after day that big bright orb comes up in the eastern sky in the morning and then drops below the western horizon late in the day. When

  • ATV task force overdue

    In rural Maine, the ownership and use of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) of every make and description has become a way of life. This ATV presence has taken off like a rocket leaving the launch pad at Cape Kennedy. According to Maine state officials, ATVs generate $250 million a year in revenue.   This growth phenomenon

  • The vaunted .270

    Off to the east, behind Pagoda Peak, dawn was creeping upward. In the crimson half light, my horse picked its way along the rocky, mud-frozen pack trail. The boss, an elk outfitter I worked for, had given me the morning off and a loaned horse to get to the elk country above the Beaver Creek

  • Those electric reels

    Although my wife will mock me and guffaw when she reads this, when it comes to hunting and fishing equipment I am not a “gear hound.” Just ignore her scoffing. I really don’t buy a lot of new stuff, honest. Whether it is a fly rod, a shotgun or a pair of chest waders, I

  • The spring bear hunt

    Maine has not had a spring bear hunt for many years. Although a reinstitution of a spring bear hunt in the Pine Tree State has been talked about on and off as a way of dealing with our ever-increasing population of bears, many stakeholders — including bear guides and outfitters — have opposed the spring