Outdoors in Maine

  • Lost hunter scenarios

    There was a time during Maine’s November deer hunt when it was not uncommon for Maine game wardens to have three or four missing hunters in one day! In his new book, “Gary Dumond Remembers – Warden Pilots,” retired Maine warden pilot Gary Dumond recalls, “One day, Jack McPhee and I were the only two

  • UMO to test ticks

    Ten years ago, few outdoor folks in this neck of the woods gave ticks a second thought. Not so today. Most of us who spend time outdoors have had encounters with deer ticks, the bad ones, or know someone with Lyme disease. Recently, University of Maine Professor Jim Dill, a tick expert, appeared as a

  • Quebec deer infected with CWD

    The Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIF&W) announced on Oct. 11 the issuance of emergency rules to protect Maine’s deer and moose populations. MDIF&W advised that a captive deer in neighboring Quebec was found to be infected with chronic wasting disease (CWD). In other states, especially in the West, CWD has infected elk

  • The Senator Motel

    It’s only one-five-letter word followed by an exclamation point, but most military air crewmen hope they never hear it or have to say it: “Eject! Eject! Eject!” The next sounds heard by Capt. Vernon Burke and 2nd Lt. Leroy Vestar most likely were the rush of fast-moving air and the welcome pop of a blossoming

  • Downeast treasures

    Back in May, an important press release apparently got upstaged by other events, or simply slipped beneath the radar. It was a land conservation story of significance. There are a lot of organizational names, big words and capitalizations connected to this press release, which may partly explain the lack of “public buzz.” Here is the

  • The tale of the compensatory deer

    ELLSWORTH — Isn’t it funny how things always seem to have a way of working out, if you’re patient enough? Earlier this fall, Diane and I made the long, costly drive to western Colorado to hunt elk with our boys. Not our first elk hunt. Although we planned this adventure down to the nth degree,

  • Old diehard hunters

    Sooner or later in our lives, most of us contemplate our own mortality. Those of us who really love the deer woods tend to use the number of deer seasons left as a yardstick of our days. It is said, though, that most deer hunters go through stages, and tend to lose their ardor for

  • Elections matter

    As a rule my editors prefer that the Maine outdoor beat steer clear of politics. And they are right, most of the time. But when the body politic begins trifling with our Second Amendment rights, should an outdoor writer just walk away? Tough to do because gun rights and taking a gun to the woods

  • Maine’s carry law

    When it comes to the legality of openly carrying a handgun in Maine, or concealing that handgun, questions abound. When is it legal to carry a loaded, concealed handgun? Is a permit required? Is there a legal distinction between so-called open carry and concealed carry? How do you get a permit? What if you are

  • Getting the moose out

    The biggest eye-opener for most first-time moose hunters is after the animal is down. This is when the real work begins. As we all know, moose are large critters, very large, and getting a 1,000-pound carcass out of a tangled clear cut to the nearest accessible road can be a tall order. During the first

  • Maine’s crossbow laws

    Although crossbows have never held a lot of appeal for me, I have hunted with a borrowed crossbow in the deer-rich state of Maryland. For me, it just seems awkward to carry while still hunting, and it doesn’t have the visual appeal of conventional longbows, recurves or compound bows. As a hunting device it is

  • Maine’s blood trackers

    Most big game hunters are mindful of the fact that there is an ethic associated with the kind of shots taken in the harvesting of wild animals. In general, running shots, head or neck shots are low-percentage shots that push the bounds of ethical choices by the hunter. The odds of wounding an animal with