Outdoors in Maine

  • An ethical dilemma on grouse?

    On my Sunday night radio program, “Maine Outdoors,” my guest, Paul Fuller, minced no words. “I don’t have much use for bird hunters who ground-shoot grouse. It’s just not ethical,” Fuller insisted. Fuller is an accomplished gun dog trainer, outdoor writer and a devoted upland hunter. He lives to work his short-haired pointers over grouse

  • The Fish and Wildlife Advisory Council

    Unfortunately, one of the best kept secrets about the workings of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is the Advisory Council. Of all the bureaucratic processes in Augusta that make decisions and choices that affect the lives of all of us, whether sportsmen or simply Maine citizens, the IF&W Advisory Council stands out.

  • Fall fishing hotspots

    Fall fishing hotspots

    Although the fall fishing action rarely compares with springtime, the fish do start moving and feeding this time of the year as the autumn nights bring water temperatures back into comfortable ranges for our favorite game fish. Plus, the absence of pesky insects and the presence of brilliant fall foliage make fall fishing extra special.

  • The best Maine deer guns

    Floyd had agreed in advance to focus his comments on one of the most hotly discussed topics, guaranteed to get the conversation revving at any Maine deer camp: “What is the best all-around rifle for deer hunting the Maine woods?” If you are a serious deer hunter, the answer is on the tip of your

  • Grouse outlook good

    Grouse outlook good

    Grouse. Ruffed grouse, to be precise. In Maine, pa’tridge or “biddies,” to be colloquial. Can you think of another game species in the Northeast that has earned such a sterling reputation for formidability as a prey, or is known by so many other descriptive nicknames? Outdoor writer and upland guide John Floyd likens the “thunder

  • The Chesuncook Salmon Derby

    What better way to usher in fall than spending Labor Day weekend taking part in the Chesuncook Salmon Derby, Sept. 5 and 6? First prize for the largest salmon caught is a $500 cash prize, and another $500 will be awarded to the lucky angler selected in the fish pool drawing! There will be other

  • Bear hunting saved again

    The Glowa petition, a perfectly legal maneuver by Maine anti-hunting activist John Glowa, was his groups’ third attempt to ban bear hunting as we know it in our state. Thankfully, it has failed once again, apparently. At a recent meeting of the Fish and Wildlife Advisory Council, state wildlife managers presented to council members a

  • Sneakin’ a peek

    More than enough books have been written about fly fishing to fill the shelves on one floor at the Library of Congress. As a matter of fact, in my small office above our garage, there are more than 40 books about fly fishing. Topics run the gamut from fly tying, fly casting and fly-rod making

  • Maine wardens undercover

    Maine Game Warden Mike Bowditch is a fictional law enforcement officer who is the protagonist in a long series of Maine-based novels by best-selling author Paul Doiron. In many of Doiron’s plots he artfully selects characters and events that, although fictional, have a thread that has some basis in fact. In his latest novel, “The

  • Crossbow regs: the highlights

    For many years the policymakers at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIF&W) resisted bringing the crossbow into the mix of legal hunting devices. All the while, other states were adopting fairly liberal allowances for the crossbow. The Maine Bowhunters Association long opposed the crossbows, arguing that they did not fit the bow

  • Shot in the dark

    Spontaneity, as a component of daily life, often brings good things, or at least that has been my experience. Whether it is a party or a fishing trip, it is often the last-minute lash-ups with minimal advance planning that are the most fun and the most memorable. Efforts to duplicate spontaneous good times with meticulous

  • The Glowa petitions

    There is probably no other anti-hunting activist in Maine who is more determined, persistent and passionate than John Glowa from China. Founder of the Maine Wolf Coalition, Glowa has been promoting the recovery of gray wolves in Maine since the early 1990s. Glowa also has opposed the hunting of coyotes in Maine at every turn.