Outdoors in Maine

  • Bears: wisdom from Missouri

    For months now, outdoor writers and sports organizations have penned a lot of compelling arguments against the bear referendum. It has been said that these efforts being made in a sporting publication or on the outdoor page of a newspaper are akin to “preaching to the choir.” That may be so. As one of those

  • Deflections

    Before I took up the bow, deer hunting was quite conventional. You layered up with long johns and wool clothing, grabbed the .30-30, some shells, a compass and then you spent a quiet — usually uneventful — day in the solitude of the Maine woods. Now, long before November, I hunt deer in September during

  • The Orrington Game Sanctuary

    Maine has more than 40 assorted wildlife preserves or sanctuaries. With a few exceptions, most of them are off limits to hunting and trapping. As a matter of fact, Baxter State Park, which is a wildlife sanctuary under Maine law, is one of the exceptions. Although it is not commonly known, there are areas in

  • Getting the moose out

    Getting the moose out

    The biggest eye-opener for most first-time moose hunters comes after the animal is down. That is when the real work begins. As we all know, moose are large critters, very large, and getting a 1,000-pound carcass out of a tangled clear cut to the nearest accessible road can be a tall order. During the first

  • Cleaning up camp

    Cleaning up camp

    “Cleanliness is next to Godliness,” my mother admonished me as a child. It did little good, however, as my wife, Diane, will attest. Even the U.S. Navy could never really change me permanently. Oh, I went along with the spit-polished shoes and Brassoed buttons just to get through basic training, but not for the long

  • Fall fishing options

    Fall fishing options

    With the Maine woods in full autumn bloom, there is no finer time to wet a line: no bugs, less water traffic, cooling waters and moving fish. Fall fishing options abound. But the regulations vary from water to water. Check your law book closely. Here are the waters that our regional fisheries biologists suggest you