Outdoors in Maine

  • The Scalia thread

    It could not have come at a worse time — the sudden death of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. When it comes to the Second Amendment — gun rights — Scalia was the best friend we sportsmen had. With 10 months left in his presidency, Barack Obama will now attempt to replace the conservative

  • New junior hunter law

    When it comes to junior hunters and hunting safety, I am old school. A former certified hunting safety instructor and father of two sons who were brought up with guns, my boys were indoctrinated early and often in all of the protocols of safe gun handling and safe hunting practices. Each of them, at my

  • A good day on the Gulf

    A good day on the Gulf

    Here in the Florida Keys, there are always fishing options, even when the wind churns up the sea or an unseasonal “cool-down” keeps a lot of anglers at the docks. The other day, my son-in-law Capt. Jacques Pauchey, along with three of his college buddies, my son Scotty and I, donned our windbreakers and took

  • Court marginalizes IF&W’s law book

    A number of years ago, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIF&W) elected to join a national trend to consolidate and slick up its Plain Jane hunting and fishing law book. With the help of a private publishing firm, the law book was dressed up in an attractive magazine format, complete with eye-catching

  • The Baxter State Park fishery

      Sometime soon the Penobscot Fly Fishers will host the annual affair they have dubbed “The Cabin Fever Reliever.” Aptly named, this public event is a chance for winter-wracked fly fishers to watch some skilled fly-tying demos. It is also an opportunity to chat with kindred piscators and remind ourselves that spring will come, and

  • Nonresident hunters: The kiss-off

    When it comes to cultivating one of its last remaining industries, tourism, it seems that Maine is its own worst enemy. Take hunting for example. In 2002, there were 41,538 nonresident hunters who bought a Maine big game hunting license. Less than a decade later, in 2010, that number fell to 27,898! Think about that.

  • Search and rescue

    Search and rescue

    Search and rescue. Just the term itself rings with urgency. Finding lost persons in the woods of Maine is one of the key missions of the Maine Warden Service. Often overlooked, or taken for granted by the average citizen, search and rescue operations run the gamut, from locating a lost hunter or an overdue snowmobiler

  • Chamberlain Chowder

    Chamberlain Chowder

    Although I don’t ice fish any more (hard to find safe ice in the Florida Keys), I was once a diehard ice fisherman and I have seen it all: the good, the bad and the ugly. The good days on the ice were almost always in mid-March when the afternoon sun warmed things up, the

  • Obama’s gun measures

    While “Rome burns,” President Obama has begun his last year in office with a series of executive actions that he believes will reduce gun-related violence in this country. His critics contend that this is another cynical attempt to distract Americans from his foreign policy failures. Even if this is not the case, even if the

  • Ice: Is it safe?

    Each year about this time, the Maine Warden Service urges us to use extreme caution before venturing out onto any ice that may be covering Maine’s waterways. This is timely advice. Two winters ago, three nighttime snowsledders all perished in one night on Rangeley Lake when they and their machines broke through thin ice. This