Outdoors in Maine

  • Short Casts

    If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that fashion trends invariably travel full circle. There are none of those clown-like, super-wide neck ties in my clothes closet. My James Dean narrow jobbies that are still hanging around from the fabulous ’50s came back once. And they will again. Alas,

  • The Critter Gift

    Once again the annual Maine Moose Lottery is over. Like Power Ball or any of a dozen other games of chance, there are winners and losers. Fortunately, for the moose, there are far more of the latter than the former. This year, 2,140 moose permits were drawn. This is 675 fewer tags than last year.

  • Protecting shooting ranges

    Unless you belong to a private rifle and pistol club, finding a place to sight in your deer rifle or simply to practice with a firearm is becoming increasingly problematic in Maine. There was a day when all you needed to do was to find an old gravel pit, set up a target and plink

  • Bogs I have known

    For me, Maine bogs have always held an allure. It may be the deer hunter in me. The buck of my dreams is always seen in a bog, ghosting its way silently on the mossy ground, weaving slowly between gnarled old cedar trees and gray, weathered deadfall. There is a dusting of snow underfoot. The

  • “Maine Sporting Camps”

    Mount Vernon outdoor writer and outdoorsman George Smith has yet another new book. It’s called “Maine Sporting Camps.” Published by Downeast Books, this 222-page book was one of those that has just been waiting to be done — a niche filler, and a good one at that. Although others in the past have documented Maine’s

  • The perfect float

    Again this year, the Olive Wooly Bugger Gang got together mid-May at Grand Lake Stream to share fellowship, eat, play cribbage and fish the stream for hungry landlocked salmon. Upon our arrival hopes were high. Last year fishing exceeded all expectations. Everybody got multiple hookups, including the “newbies,” who were just learning how to toss

  • The Allagash sting operation

    If per chance you missed it, spring is not the only thing busting out all over. There has been an explosive confrontation recently between the Portland Press Herald and the Maine Warden Service. In fact, I, as an elder Maine journalist, outdoor writer and former press officer for the Maine Warden Service, have never seen

  • Those spring ticks

    Those spring ticks

    It didn’t used to be, but in many parts of Maine now deer ticks are a reality.  It’s spring and time to think about the outdoors and proper protection against ticks. Maine had 1,171 cases of Lyme disease reported in 2015. May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month and time to consider a tick-prevention strategy. In

  • Unsung heroes

    They come in all sizes and a variety of names: Fish & Game Clubs, Rod & Gun Clubs, Sportman’s Associations, Angler’s Alliance, you name it. And they can be found all over New England, and the country for that matter, in little hamlets and even big cities. They have been around for years. They are

  • Safe turkey hunting

    Safe turkey hunting

    In most wildlife management districts (WMDs), spring turkey hunting in Maine begins a half-hour before sunrise on May 2. There is a special Youth Day that is held April 30. There is probably no better way to introduce a youngster to hunting than in the turkey woods. For adult or youngster, the primitive sound of