• Grilled Applesauce

    Time Estimate: 40 minutes, including 20 minutes of preparation and 20 minutes unattended. Storage Notes: Keeps for one day when refrigerated Level of Difficulty: Moderate Special Requirements: Sous vide set-up, grill The apples for this sauce are twice cooked: first sous vide (a method of cooking in tightly sealed plastic bags), which establishes just the

  • Shrimp Scorpio

    While I’ve not tried it, friends who dislike shrimp say this dish is wonderful with haddock, halibut or swordfish. It’s a great company dish, as it allows the cook to socialize with guests while it bubbles merrily away in the oven. I’ve served it with many different starches, but my favorites are jasmine rice and

  • Gingerbread Muffins with Sweet Ricotta Filling

    Published in September, “Memoirs of a Mad Innkeeper: The Muffin Recipes Revealed” can be purchased at two locations online and in two local businesses. Author Susan Starr hopes to have the book for sale in more local bookstores in the future.

  • Sweet on sweet potato muffins

    Sweet on sweet potato muffins

    I have an affinity for freshly baked muffins. At the very inkling of dawn, I love to turn on the oven, assemble ingredients and mix up a batch. The kind of muffin varies, and is highly dependent upon the ingredients on hand. Frozen wild blueberries or raspberries are family favorites, along with chopped apple, pumpkin