Liz Flood of Mariaville is the administrative assistant and food-service director at Beech Hill School in Otis. She and her husband, BJ, enjoy living in Mariaville with their three sons. “It was the best decision we made, moving out here,” she says. PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Put a face on it! Mariaville resident Liz Flood

Liz Flood cannot imagine living anywhere other than Mariaville.

Born in Missouri, she moved to Louisiana, Virginia, and Jacksonville, Florida as her father, a Navy medical officer, pursued his military career. Home-schooled along with her siblings, she earned her high-school diploma through Christian Liberty Academy in Illinois.

When he retired, her father took a position with Down East Community Hospital in Machias, “so we moved up here in spring 1999” from Jacksonville, Liz said. She worked at various jobs in Machias, including as a cook and hostess at Helen’s Restaurant.

Married in September 2000, the Floods lived in East Machias briefly before moving to Hancock.

Because he “worked with a lot of contractors in the Otis/Mariaville area,” BJ got to know the Mariaville-Otis area very well, Liz said. “He took me on a ride one day. We came out here, and I fell in love with it” and the outdoors. The Floods bought a house “perfect for our needs” in Mariaville in 2008.

They own My Three Sons Plumbing & Heating, named for their three boys. One major draw to the area was Beech Hill School; “we liked the idea of a smaller school with character for the boys,” Liz said.

A stay-at-home mom, she operated a day care in her house and also took evening classes to earn her child development accreditation. Later employed by Child & Family Opportunities of Ellsworth, Liz worked for a year with the pre-K program at Mountain View School in Sullivan and substituted “as an ed tech in the special education department.” She took an ed tech 1 position at Beech Hill School six years ago.

Now the school’s administrative assistant and part-time food-service director, Liz enjoys working at Beech Hill. “I love the team I work with because the staff is fully dedicated to the students and their families.”

According to Liz, Beech Hill Principal Nichole Pothier “is always looking for ways to engage the community.” Among such activities have been “a clean up of the school and roads in the area,” food and clothing drives for local shelters, and a Growth Mindset book-study group for families and school staff.

Also the Beech Hill School’s student-council advisor and athletic director, Liz coaches the cross-country team for students in grades 4-8. She belongs to the Beech Hill School’s Parent-Teacher Community, which organizes school-and-community activities.

The Floods thrive on being outdoors. Winter weekends may find them ice-fishing at their camp in Sullivan, and summer weekends may see them golfing on local golf courses, hiking, fishing or four-wheeling.

The family has attended Maine Coast Baptist Church in Ellsworth for more than 15 years. “We love our church and Pastor Gerry Dill and his wife, Gail,” Liz said. Her sons are active in the youth group, and she volunteers in the church nursery.

Maine Coast Baptist “is very welcoming to young families. The youth has grown so much over the years, and we have had a chance as families to grow together.” said Liz.

The Floods belong to the Orrin Road Association Committee; BJ is the road commissioner, Liz the association’s secretary.

As for living in Mariaville, “I like the peace and quiet,” Liz said. “Living in cities all my life, everything’s on the go. This area lets us enjoy the simple things of life as we focus on cultivating our family and friendships.”

“It was the best decision we made, moving out here,” she said.

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