Born and raised in Penobscot, Harold Hatch has served on the town’s select board for 10 years. He is the current board chair. Hired as a mechanic by EBS in October 2005, he became the garage supervisor seven years ago. PHOTO BY BRIAN SWARTZ

Lifelong resident Harold Hatch in first year chairing selectmen

Harold Hatch, chairman of the Penobscot Board of Selectmen, has “lived in Penobscot all my life.” Of the 17 students in his eighth-grade class at Penobscot Elementary School, he and 13 others went to George Stevens Academy in Blue Hill.

Harold dug clams and sandworms and raked blueberries through summer 1979. After graduation he painted and repaired church steeples for Harvey Harmon, worked a year for Complete Tire in Ellsworth and then “worked on a scallop dragger” during winter 1980.

In March 1981, Harold started working for his father’s business, Cliff’s Auto Repair, in Penobscot. Staying there 11 years, he later “did mechanical work for Sunrise Transportation” before working for Colwell Diesel for 12 years.

“Then I came to EBS in October 2005 as a mechanic,” working in the company’s Ellsworth garage, Harold said. Named the EBS garage supervisor seven years ago, he works with two mechanics to maintain “98 trucks and 42 forklifts for the 10 stores.”

“Since Hammond [Lumber] took over, it hasn’t changed,” Harold said. He likes the fact that “every day is different. You start the day with a plan, and by 6:30 [a.m.] it has changed.”

He and his wife, Penny, have two daughters, Andrea and Elisha. After Elisha was born, Harold learned that “five generations back, I had two male ancestors named Elisha.” The Hatches also have a granddaughter, Allee, who turned 14 in May.

“I enjoy the outdoors,” Harold said. “I hunt, I fish. We go ice fishing [from] Millinocket north about every weekend in winter.” He hunts black bears in September; “I have shot all my bears within a mile of my house,” he noted. “We spend time with the family. Allee plays softball, and we chase her games wherever they are.”

Harold has served 10 years as a selectman. This year marks his first as the board’s chairman.

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