You break it, you own it

Dear Editor:

Most children remember their mother’s admonition that if you drop a piece of china or crystal in an antique shop, then you own it. You have to pay. She was warning you that the responsibility for irreparably damaging and rendering useless something precious cannot be put back together. Now that the presidency, U.S. House and Senate are in the hands of the Democrats, the possibility of admitting the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to the union, enlarging the Supreme Court with for more justices and eliminating the Electoral College could wreck our constitutional republic and the great American experiment will have failed. George Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm,” prescient books, will have come true.

My suggestion to every thinking high school and college student and politician from local to federal is to read these two books now! Additionally, the same should watch two movies. First, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” starring James Stewart and Jean Arthur (1939) and six Academy Award-winner “A Man for All Seasons,” Paul Scofield and Susanna York (1966). The lessons contained in these two books and movies are irrefutable.

President Trump was on his way to victory and certainly would have continued his quest to cut the size of the federal bureaucracy, but he lost the election. All the legal attempts and audits failed. His criticisms failed time and again and his many advisors were damaged by the press. He also made a huge mistake in even having a rally that some fools took as a signal to storm the “Bastille” (Capitol). The pandemic took him off his game as well as the Mueller investigation, impeachment, never mind four years of constant harassment and disrespect of him personally and the office itself. Totally ignored by the media is that he goosed the economy, lifting the middle class, deflected Iran, put Communist China back on its heels and achieved an astounding peace in the Middle East that none of the pundits believed could happed or even report that it did happen.

Yes, I agree Mr. Trump stepped in it big time and needs to pass the baton to another patriot to represent the 75 million who supported him as well as the entire population of 330 million who desperately need a history lesson. 

Dudley Gray

Rangeley Plantation

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