With heartfelt gratitude

Dear Editor:

I was overwhelmed to see that a section of the June 11 edition of The Islander [and The Ellsworth American] was devoted entirely to me. The front page — with the photos of so many things I love about Maine: the boathouse, Father’s bridges, the carriage and handsome pair of horses, the rushing water of the Maine rocks, and the beginning of advertisements celebrating my 100th birthday — was the introduction to an extraordinary group of articles and birthday messages from the College of the Atlantic, telling all of us readers that they have named their first newborn Belted Galloway on the Peggy Rockefeller Farms “Hundred” — what an honor!

I hope that you will share my gratitude with all of the people who played a role in preparing this section of the paper: your editorial staff, reporters, advertisers and friends. Between the articles, the messages and the photos, I cannot imagine a more meaningful way to have acknowledged my gift to the Preserve and I hope everyone will enjoy the land for many years to come.

David Rockefeller

New York, N.Y.

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