What is Susan Collins thinking?

Dear Editor:

I was beginning to regain faith in Susan Collins’ ability to represent Mainers based on several positive things she has accomplished over the past 12 months. But then she offered the opinion that if Russian trolls can use Twitter, Trump should be able to do so as well. In other words, two wrongs make a right.

If she’s going to attack something, she should focus on what is wrong and support getting rid of the Russian trolls, not encouraging an American one. Following that, she decided to enthusiastically support LePage as our next governor, apparently because he’s the only Republican with enough name recognition to have a chance against Mills. This is pure party politics and dismisses the fact that the overtly racist LePage, who claimed he was Trump before Trump emerged on the political scene, made a mess of state government and that Mills has done a good, steady job supporting all Mainers.

I would have expected Collins to at least have remained silent on this subject in support of continued good governance for Maine’s citizens. And now the leaked Supreme Court decision on overturning Roe vs. Wade. Her naive vote in favor of Kavanagh, who lied and said this was “settled law” has come home to roost in the worst possible way.

Donald Holmes


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