What if?

Dear Editor:

What if American Aquafarms didn’t come to town, like a giant, fouling our precious bay and crushing the livelihoods of our self-employed, small-scale, independent fisheries?

What if our precious bay remained as it is, a home to the animals that live within it, like the harbor porpoise and minke whale that rise from a deep pool behind a tiny island. And the clear, clean water continued to touch every grain of sand and granite rock that surround it. That wading birds stood in marshy grass and listened to only the wind.

What if the Maine Fair Trade factory, now empty and silent on the shore of Prospect Harbor, became a fertile ground for small-scale aquaculture, where young folks could plant an idea and watch it grow, nurtured by the generosity of others. A place to cultivate the dreams and desires of these young and hopeful youth. A place to harvest not only their catch, their crop, but for all of us to gather and enjoy the bounty of the sea, the bounty of a generous community.

What if wishes really did come true?

Becky Okeefe

Prospect Harbor

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