What are they waiting for?

Dear Editor:

What, pray tell, is NATO waiting for? Are they waiting for Russia to eventually conquer Ukraine, obliterate its infrastructure, subjugate what’s left of its population and incorporate it into the Soviet Union? And where is the statesman or stateswoman in America with the moxie to rally the NATO partners to finally put an end to Putin’s war on Ukraine?

With the Russian navy blockading Ukraine ports on the Black Sea and preventing them from shipping their grain and fertilizer harvests to needy countries in Africa and elsewhere, severe food shortages will result for millions.

Doesn’t NATO’s interest in doing what they can to bring about peace and what’s best for all the NATO partners include what they can do to make sure neighboring non-partner countries are secure as well?

It seems that we are witness once again to the world standing by and watching another despot strutting across history’s stage bringing on havoc, destruction, death and suffering to innocent and peace-loving peoples. This with NATO having the means, authority and military might to bring to an end to that despot’s agenda in short order.

Should Putin prevail over Ukraine he is bound to continue his campaign to restore the Soviet empire to its place before losing the Cold War. Don’t be surprised if he moves on the Republic of Montenegro, and then on to Poland next. Why wait and see thousands and possibly millions more die?

Roger Greene


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