Well done, Chief Walsh

Dear Editor:

Winter Harbor’s police chief has been nominated by Schoodic Rangers for a Junior Ranger Badge. We would like to take a moment to express our gratitude to Mike Walsh for his outstanding verbal judo in mitigating the issues involving an emotionally disturbed person in Winter Harbor.

Local police had received a report on Aug. 9 of a woman visiting Ellsworth from North Carolina who was intending to take her life at Schoodic Peninsula. She stated that Schoodic was her favorite place and she was going there to take her own life on the rocks.

The easy job of intercepting the car was accomplished by the Schoodic Rangers with a wildland fire truck at the entrance to the Schoodic Loop Road. Mike then went to work with the difficult task of convincing the woman to change her plans. His positive attitude and charming personality complemented his communication skills and he was able to persuade the subject into exiting her vehicle and taking a ride with him to the Ellsworth hospital.

We do not know exactly what Mike said, but the Rangers of Schoodic were sure glad he was able to talk her out of taking her life before she entered our jurisdiction.

Benton Shattenberg

Bill Weidner

Winter Harbor

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