Ward leaves things better than he found them

Dear Editor:

As past president of Holbrook Little League, I first met state representative candidate Karl Ward a decade ago, giving up a hot Fourth of July weekend to lead his donated Nickerson & O’Day construction crew in framing our new concessions building. He said something I’ll never forget: “We will leave it better than we found it.”

Karl has since also donated a lighted scoreboard, signage, landscaping, groundwork for our batting cages and a new fenced-in bullpen. As a longtime coach, his ability to inspire, motivate and teach heartfelt life lessons from a simple game is a joy to watch. His teams are among our best ever and three-quarters of his players make JV/varsity. Several will be found on college diamonds next spring. Seeing our finances in trouble, Karl single-handedly undertook a huge fundraising effort and put us back in the black, and sponsor signs now cover our field. All to provide the best experience possible for all children — and leave the League and our kids better than he found them.

Karl is running for state representative in Orland, Penobscot, Stockton Springs, Prospect, Verona Island, Otis and Dedham. If elected, he will donate his legislative pay to youth organizations and schools in his towns. I’m not one bit surprised.

Like most, I don’t vote party lines. I vote for the person who will do the best for my state. Folks, that person is Karl Ward. Because while I may not know everything, the one thing I do know is Karl Ward will “leave it better than he found it.”

Darrell Pluard


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