Walsh a force for change

Dear Editor:

With the upcoming election, those of us in District 133 have the opportunity to send someone to the state legislature with the convictions and courage to vote on either side of the aisle for some long overdue positive changes.

Let’s change a state income tax code that only provides an incentive for high earners to become domiciled elsewhere, causing the state to lose a very significant amount of income.

Let’s change a welfare system that not only provides incentives for those from outside Maine to relocate here, but then goes on to provide incentives to remain on the program rather than getting a job.

Let’s change the overly burdensome state regulations imposed on local businesses, which are the main economic contributor for jobs and revenue to the state. Let us become a small business-friendly state.

Let’s change to an education system that can provide a 21st century education and can build a workforce that will attract outside corporations and fill our current skills gap.

Let’s change a way to let us maximize the use of, but not over-control, the wonderful natural resources that we are fortunate to have here.

These issues are all a part of what Sue Walsh stands for, all of which can produce positive change and a positive impact on the state revenue, which will lower our tax burden while at the same time helping those in need.

Rick Seeger

Blue Hill