Vote for Ellsworth’s long-term future

Dear Editor:

We are writing to express our support for Casey Hanson in the Ellsworth City Council election. We have known Casey as a friend, parent and community member for several years, and she has many qualities that would make her an excellent councilor.

Casey understands the importance of moving our city forward with a well-considered strategic plan. Whether it be for economic development, public land use, infrastructure or housing, it is critical that Ellsworth plan with the long-term in mind. We need not look far to see the results of proper planning and how it can maximize our resources, grow our wealth and enhance our enjoyment of both public and private spaces.

Just as a strategic plan is essential, so is gathering input from the many stakeholders that coexist in town. Casey is thoughtful and takes the time to listen and learn, as she knows that collaboration will net the best results. She values our diversity and seeks to make Ellsworth a better place for all, as demonstrated by her vocal support of Ellsworth Pride and visual representations of diversity and inclusivity in our downtown.

Casey supports the local schools and public library both in mission and in funding. These institutions are the foundation of a prosperous community, even if their benefits take decades to realize. They are long-term investments that truly define the priorities of a community and its commitment to the future.

Join us and vote for Casey — a vote for the long-term!

Carrie and Peter Kutny


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