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Dear Editor:

I have never had an abortion. And I am fortunate never to have suffered a miscarriage. Yet in this post Roe v. Wade time, numerous governments, organizations and individuals would treat as criminals women who seek help in dealing with such personal medical needs — and anyone who helps them.

In my formative years (pre-Roe v. Wade) abortions, for the most part, were not legally available. A high school classmate died following a botched “back alley” abortion. For most of my adult life though, Roe v. Wade was the law of the land. Now we are moving back to a time when “back alley” abortions may be a woman’s only option.

Not satisfied with this invasion of women’s rights, such groups’ efforts to further limit individual freedoms have gone well beyond human care. I have been married to the same man for almost 55 years, a traditional partnership. However, numerous friends have chosen alternative lifestyles.

Under attack are laws protecting the right to choose life partners, including people of the same sex or of a different race; to determine one’s gender identity; to have or not have children. Even using contraceptives has come under negative scrutiny. Rather than rescind protective laws, we should solve relevant issues raised by granting human choices.

A minority of extremists is dissolving our liberties, invading our privacy and pushing us into an authoritarian state. One way to combat this fearful attack on democracy is to vote for leaders at every level of government who put basic human rights above their personal ambitions. Here then, we must vote in November for Nina Milliken and Nicole Grohoski for state legislative duties, Janet Mills for another term as governor and Jared Golden for U.S. Congress. They have already demonstrated their steadfast intent to put the needs and desires of their constituents first.

Patricia Hollenberg


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