Undue influence

Dear Editor:

This week many of us in Hancock County received through the mail a misleading message from Richard Malaby suggesting that the Maine Senate seat contested by Brian Langley and Nicole Grohoski is being bought for Grohoski by “outside money.” Mr. Malaby stated outside money in the millions has poured into legislative seats, investing in individuals who support a more liberal agenda.

The issue of outside money is one that is influencing Maine candidates of both major parties in general and is not limited to those who support a more liberal agenda.

Mr. Malaby suggests outside money is flowing only to liberal candidates when he knows very well that Maine’s Republican candidates are also willingly accepting outside money in an attempt to have legislative seats bought for them.

Isn’t it time that the citizens of Maine determine who to elect to our state House without being influenced by out-of-state money?

Clifton Page

Blue Hill

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