Trump is getting it done despite the vitriol

By Phil Grant

Despite formidable, unprecedented forces from the Left against him, President Trump has been able to forge ahead with a number of major accomplishments that people who voted for him hoped he would be able to achieve. Even though, as part of the liberal media’s fake news campaign, these key accomplishments are largely ignored (even denied in some cases) they are high priority for many Americans.

Most people who voted for Trump did so because of his agenda. They did not want our country to continue with the socialist policies and deep corruption of the Obama/Hillary years. Trump supporters strongly believe in the direction he wishes to move the country. They resent media and establishment efforts to reject our democracy and to falsely discredit the duly elected Mr. Trump. In our democracy you do not try to oust a president prior to the next election simply because you have a different agenda in mind, or just don’t like the person’s style. That is over the top — not the way our system works.

Trump’s accomplishments are many, though you would never know it by reading the daily papers and listening to the evening news. According to the Faith and Freedom Coalition, which has made the effort to do the research, President Trump, in just the first six months of his presidency, “signed more than 40 bills into law and issued over 40 executive orders from health care to energy, infrastructure and more.” He has achieved a lot more since then. Here we mention just a few of the things he achieved in the first six months, as compiled largely by the F & F Coalition, that are very meaningful to an awful lot of citizens, and we thank him greatly for his efforts in leading the country forward.

On the economic front, Trump has: (1) Signed numerous laws to cut unnecessary federal regulations on business. This will save business more than $18 billion a year and not result in harm to the environment or unfair business practices; it will motivate business start-ups and help all businesses be more competitive and efficient. (2) Approved the building of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipelines to help assure American energy independence, protect the environment from rail and truck spills and help keep fuel costs low, not to mention provide vital construction and maintenance jobs. (3) Saved the American people $3 trillion over the next 10 years by withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, which unfairly targeted the United States to pay for clean-up of pollution we do not create, and, at best, which would have provided extremely marginal, inconsequential results for the world’s climate improvement. (4) Instituted policies and practices to grow the U.S. economy; he has encouraged major businesses to come back to America; over 800,000 (now it is over 1 million) new jobs have been created under Trump; GDP growth, breaking records from quarter to quarter, has been much higher under Trump than under Obama; the stock market has soared more than 20 percent since the election; fewer people are on welfare; consumer confidence is at a 17-year high; and food stamp use is the lowest in seven years. (5) Developed a plan for individual and business tax rate cuts that will help assure continued U.S. economic development and prosperity by increasing both the demand and supply of goods without increasing prices.

On the national security front, Trump has: (1) Tightened border security, cutting illegal border crossings by 73 percent and influencing illegal entrants to our country to leave on their own; border personnel have been beefed up and plans for a wall are in the design stage; Trump has ordered the Border Patrol to arrest illegal border crossers instead of just stopping them and letting them go as Obama did. (2) Declared war on the ultraviolent, 10,000-member MS-13 drug-peddling gang largely let into the country under Obama’s open border policy, which was to a great degree intended to create more socialist-oriented voters; AG Jeff Sessions has begun rounding up these people, sending them to trial, and sending them to jail when deserved. (3) Ratcheted up the assault on ISIS such that ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria have been demolished; the founder and leader of ISIS has been killed and ISIS is in massive retreat. (4) Acknowledged the enemy as radical Islamic terrorism after years of failure by the Obama administration to identify the enemy. (5) Increased defense spending for the first time in nearly 10 years to assure our military is up to date and fully capable of defending our country and aiding our allies in numerous parts of the world.

On the constitutional front, Trump has: (1) Appointed dozens of strong constitutionalists to our federal courts, including the Supreme Court. (2) Ended the Obamacare regulatory mandate that requires Christians and pro-life Americans to purchase health insurance that includes abortions and gender reassignment surgery; you should not have to pay for others’ abortions and others’ gender transition surgery. (3) Affirmed the U.S. government’s role in prohibiting discrimination against Christians, or in punishing expressions of faith; Obama was not willing to support the First Amendment here.

On the international front, Trump has: (1) Strengthened NATO, rebuilt relations with Israel and developed constructive working relations with important world players such as China, Russia and Japan. (2) Succeeded in getting other members of NATO to pay their fair share in maintaining NATO. (3) Ordered a halt to our taxpayer money going to international organizations that fund or perform abortions. (4) Helped Saudi Arabia develop air defenses against Iran. (5) Developed plans to reduce terrorist immigration through restriction of immigrants from terrorist-laden countries.

On domestic law and order, Trump has: (1) Ended the rhetorical war on America’s police and fully supported the sound efforts of our nation’s police to crack down on crime in our cities and towns; this is in sharp contrast to Obama’s continual interference with valid police practices. (2) Addressed the pervasive voter fraud problem in the United States —a problem proven to exist by Judicial Watch investigations. (3) Cracked down on the illegal activities of sanctuary cities. (4) Started to reduce the “swamp” in Washington by, among other things, replacing entrenched employees, exposing corruption, downsizing the vast federal bureaucracy and proposing term limits to avoid having elected officials assemble large, self-interest-serving personal power centers.

On education and health care, Trump has: (1) Launched plans to end our central government’s Leftist “common core” curriculum in our public schools and instead leave educational  decisions up to states, municipalities and individual schools. (2) Helped develop a substitute plan (not passed by Congress yet) for Obamacare that will be less costly, will not contain illegal subsidies and will be more effective at meeting the health care needs of Americans. (3) Implemented numerous new management practices in the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide veterans with faster, better health services.

On improving government operations, Trump has: (1) Instituted the Office of Innovation to streamline government and improve government’s future operations; he has cut operations costs in many areas of government; he has found cheaper air transportation for the President; he has given his salary back to the people. (2) Put into effect new ethical standards to control lobbying in Washington and to bar excessive foreign lobbying.

Again, these are just a few of Trump’s accomplishments while in office. Your fake news people seldom cover the positives on Trump. If they do mention something good he has done, they are sure to put a negative spin on it. President Trump has been on an achievement pace rarely seen in Washington. His work ethic is unmatched. His accomplishments are constructive and worthy. He wants very much to help America come back. He has the intelligence, education, experience, specific skills and motivation to get the job done. And he is getting the job done in spite of the liberal media, Democrats and establishment types constantly lying about him, misrepresenting his intentions, and, thus, undermining his efforts.

Because they don’t like his style (he doesn’t act like other presidents) or agenda, and they can’t control or predict him, they bully him; very sad is that they bully his family. They want to impeach him? Based upon what we know at this point in time, this is absurd; it’s wrong; it is clearly anti-American. They never think of helping him or working with him, only tearing him down, defacing and disparaging him. If we can’t work with a president who is different — different but competent — Lord help us in our quest for diversity.

Phil Grant, Ph.D., Hon. DBA is professor emeritus at Husson University. He has written many books and articles on management and economics. His latest book is “The Mathematics of Human Motivation.” Another book, “Grant’s 12 Laws of Human Motivation,” is about ready to be published. Grant lives in Birch Harbor with his wife, Kathy.

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