Time to get off the reservation

Dear Editor:

It’s the 125th anniversary of the slaughter at Wounded Knee, where the 7th Calvary surrounded Chief Big Foot’s band and proceeded to massacre mostly innocent women and children. Of course the claim was self-defense, claiming that of those slaughtered one had a firearm.

The federal government made no mention of why these people were trying to escape being locked on a reservation and being deprived of every survival necessity, including their dignity, starving and freezing, their children taken away to be educated (brainwashed) in government schools.

This is the same reservation that now encompasses all of America; see the teaching of a great American, the now deceased Russell Means, the welfare programs and the feds. Doing all they can to send jobs overseas or filling the country with low-wage workers to take the jobs that are left, meanwhile instituting an unconstitutional national education system to take all children and educate (brainwash) them in the government school (fool) system, to be obedient workers (see George Carlin).

Again, this is the same “reservation” Russell Means told those who would listen about 20 or more years ago, so now we have at least two generations or more indoctrinated into this government-induced mindset.

We can allow this to continue or we can demand closing the unconstitutional National Education Association and take back local control of all schools. As the feds would say, “It’s for the children.” I happen to believe my great-grandchildren are worth it. How do you feel about yours? Are they worth standing up to the feds and fighting for?

Richard Wayne Kane


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