Throwing a lifeline

Dear Editor: As the owner of a small business (tiny really), I faced a number of problems dealing with state regulations as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Through no fault of their own, Maine state employees were overwhelmed by the complexities of dealing with this crisis. As a result, it became nearly impossible to reach a live person in state government and thus resolving various difficulties became a nightmare.

About at the end of my rope in dealing with this mess I contacted Rep. Nicole Grohoski in hopes that she might be able to cut through some of the red tape within which I found myself entangled. Happily, Nicole not only lent a helping hand, she did so promptly and with enthusiasm. Rather than being made to feel as if I was “bothering her,” as has been the case with my dealings with Sen. Susan Collins and others, I was made to feel as if I was entitled to her assistance.

It took a few weeks and a half dozen emails between us but Rep. Grohoski managed to get everything straightened out. And she did so in a friendly, sympathetic manner that never left me feeling as if I were “bothering” her.

Representatives are supposed to represent us, the people of Maine, not out-of-state PAC funds and large corporations. Nicole more than lived up to her responsibilities in helping my small business. She certainly has my vote in the upcoming election, and I would urge other voters to give her theirs.

Capt. Winston Shaw Trenton

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