The wave of the future

Dear Editor:

The future of transportation is approaching rapidly as Asian, European and American automakers are making a mad dash to develop and market electric autos in response to the awakening by consumers of climate change that is now changing lives. Even in Maine, we are beginning to encounter the effects of this change that has disrupted other parts of the U.S. and the world.

I reviewed my excitement of EV products coming down the pike, including F150 Lightning, with a contact, and his response was a concern with availability of remote charging stations. So, I questioned how many times he drove to Portland this year. His response, “I haven’t been that far since ’08.” And so, the reality is that most EV owners, such as myself, will “refuel” at home, effectively negating the need for remote charging stations.

That being said, it was my reaction that every 10th tourist car on Route 3 this summer was a Tesla! How did they get to this corner of the country without significant remote charging opportunities? And tour our area? I believe it shows that there are many existing remote charging opportunities at this time, with many more currently being considered.

Thus, the question of remote charging stations is a moot point, since the large majority of EV drivers will be “refueling” at home, with only occasional opportunities to use remote charging stations. And, as EV autos proliferate, the demand for gasoline will be declining, resulting in possible reduction of gas stations! Think of it, our dependence on ICE (internal combustion engine) may be heading downhill.

Ray Graham


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