The war on drugs is a war on personal freedom

Dear Editor:

Let’s take a look at another out-of-control government budget. That is what the government calls the war on drugs.

What is the war on drugs? It is simply the nanny state do-gooders, puritanical busybodies, statist drug warriors and assorted bureaucrats telling you what you can and cannot consume, swallow, smoke, sniff, ingest and inject, and they’ll lock you up in a cage if you possess, buy, sell, distribute, transport, cultivate or traffic in a substance the government doesn’t approve of.

The war on drugs has financial and human costs that far exceed any of its supposed benefits. It’s an assault on individual liberty and personal freedom, a monstrous evil that ruins more lives than the drugs themselves, negates personal responsibility and accountability and violates property rights.

The war on drugs is incompatible with a free society, violates the Constitution (little any politicians or bureaucrats care about that) and the principles of federalism and greatly increases the size and scope of government.

The war on drugs has gone on way too long with far too little for the bureaucrats involved to show for their make-believe heroic deeds. What have they done to benefit the people? In a word, nothing. I see many blowhard politicians espousing more rules and regulations and more agents (bureaucrats).

In every country where the busybody nanny state stopped interfering in matters that are none of their business, all drug-related problems declined dramatically. Of course it also took away bureaucratic theft opportunities.

I’m not suggesting a drug free-for-all. I’m merely pointing out all politicians and other bureaucrats swear an oath then violate it with impunity. What I put in my body is none of your or politicians’ business.

Richard Wayne Kane




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