The right thing to do for Maine

Dear Editor:

This Jan. 19, a petition with over 80,000 signatures goes to the secretary of state in support of an act designed to reduce gun violence in Maine.

The daily news of Americans being killed by guns appalls us. Yet here is this proposed initiative with a simple, common-sense policy: it requires that everyone in Maine who buys a gun get the same criminal background check, no matter who they buy it from, with reasonable exceptions such as family members.

You will hear people say that we cannot do anything to stop the tragedies of gun violence. They say that there are too many guns out there already; criminals always get guns; universal background checks on all gun sales won’t catch those killers without any prior offense. However, this is one effective step that should be taken.

Criminal background checks make a difference. Since 1998, the current system has prevented nearly 2.5 million gun sales to dangerous people. Now we can make our system tighter by taking a law that is already in place for some gun sales and expanding it to cover nearly all gun sales.

If there is one thing you can do that may save one life, then it is the right thing to do.

Why vote in favor of this initiative? Because you can!

This year, 2016, let’s make Maine the 19th state to close the loophole by supporting this initiative to require background checks for all gun sales.

Diana Page

Blue Hill



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