The right choice

Dear Editor:

In my opinion, the City Council has made a great choice in naming Glenn Moshier the new city manager. Though he lives out of the city, he knows the city very well.

For years, he was a patrol officer in our police department before becoming our chief of police, a position in which he has excelled. From his office in City Hall, he developed a strong understanding of the ins and outs of how the city runs and through his days as a patrol officer, he developed thorough understanding of the area of Ellsworth and various needs of the area and its people; he knows the names of the streets.

In my 17 years on the council, I saw the comings and goings of many city employees; some good and some not so good. I strongly believe that Glenn Moshier will be a great manager. He is intelligent and dedicated to whatever task he undertakes. I’m sure that accepting this job was difficult in the sense that he would have given up being a police officer, a career for which he had a great passion. He assured us that whatever position he held, he would give 100 percent.

I also believe that he will become the face of Ellsworth in the sense that he is an eloquent public speaker and has the respect of the staff, department heads and employees. Give him a chance and I believe you will agree with me that this is the best choice!

John L. Moore


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