The responsible choice

Dear Editor:

Much has been written and discussed concerning referendum Question 1 that is on the ballot in November, but it is important to understand what will actually take place if it is defeated. Some 57 miles of new power line will be added to our wilderness (of which 29 miles have already been cleared). Assuming a 300-foot width for 57 miles accounts for approximately 2,100 acres and when compared to 10 million acres of unorganized territory, it is essentially inconsequential, being a meager .02 percent of wilderness area that would be affected.

Additionally, one of our most critical problems is that 80 percent of the world’s energy depends on fossil fuels. In that light, we should be using as much clean, reliable, renewable, environmentally and economically sound energy that can be accessed. Hydropower fills that need.

As citizens, we need to make a choice. Either we wish to preserve an insignificant parcel of wilderness and shirk our duty to make this a cleaner world, or we do the right thing by taking advantage of the excess hydropower generated in Canada. Voting “no” will ensure the latter.

Joe Bertolaccini


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