The king of compromise

Dear Editor:

Recent reporting that U.S. senators have prepared a compromise to the For the People Act should come as welcome news to Mainers truly interested in commonsense reforms that strengthen our democracy. The process for this legislation over the course of the summer has drawn eyeballs and intrigue, but we all knew that it would come down to a reasonable compromise to truly get over the finish line.

And that appears to be what we have today. Core elements of the legislation should hold, of course, including commonsense ballot access standards and campaign finance reforms that improve disclosure requirements and ban dark money. But we should be thankful that reforms addressing such pressing issues have been thoroughly deliberated amongst our most level-headed leaders in Washington.

As we know well here in Maine, and apologies for the pun, Sen. Angus King is the king of compromise. He has long situated himself as a dealmaker in Washington, working across the aisle to get things done. And that could not be more important today as solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing our democracy hang in the balance. We are looking forward to seeing Sen. King’s continued level-headed engagement as this updated package of reforms barrels toward the President’s desk — to the benefit of all Mainers, regardless of party affiliation.

Jacob Reynolds


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