The definition of “free”

Dear Editor:

The marquee on Route 172 in Surry states “Free Federal Dollars, How to spend.”

I respectfully ask the selectpersons of Surry to educate themselves on the meaning of “free.”

The word “free” in itself has many meanings, however when used as an adverb as it is here, it’s definition means “without cost or payment.”

The many millions of Americans, myself included, who work 26 days of the year to pay the federal government those so-called “free” federal dollars would certainly disagree with your characterization of their hard-earned payments each payday.

When the President and members of Congress pluck those trillions of dollars they spend off the trees of Washington, D.C., you can then call them “free.”

Until then, refer to them as what they rightfully are, the people’s tax dollars.

Gary Mosley

Chrisman, Ill.

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