State leaders MIA on climate change

Dear Editor:

Where are our political leaders who have professed much concern over mitigating climate change?

Governor Mills, to her credit, established the Climate Council in 2019, composed of groups of climate change experts, and tasked them to provide a plan of action in one year. In announcing the plan, “Maine Can’t Wait,” she pledged that her administration would work to prevent and mitigate climate change at every turn by weaning our state off fossil fuels. Sen. Collins chimed in, stating, “Maine should not trade its environment for its economy because its environment is its economy,” also mentioning reducing carbon emissions. Sen. King, founding member of the Climate Caucus, indicated “we need to get to work — now.” Congresswoman Pingree and Congressman Golden both “applaud” the Governor’s efforts. Secretary Kerry, special envoy for climate, says that “Maine is setting an example for every other state with this plan.”

An industrial-sized salmon farm has been proposed for Frenchman Bay. This project will produce a multitude of pollutants from the greenhouse emissions of burning 7,000 gallons of diesel fuel each day and discharge billions of gallons of untreated water. Where are our political leaders? Looks like “Maine Will Wait.”

David Seaton

Cape Neddick

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