Some quick thoughts

Dear Editor:

A few quick responses to your Opinion section of Sept. 9:

  • Congratulations to Jill Goldthwait for her brilliant summary of the current situation of “burned-out Mainers” (indeed of all Americans) as we “brace for the unknown.” I haven’t seen anywhere a better statement of what all of us are dealing with right now. Keep it coming, Jill. We need your insights and wisdom.
  • Hugh Bowden’s lament [“Power-hungry party has lost its way”] seems to me misguided. The Republican Party has surely been on its way to its present position ever since it nominated Barry Goldwater in 1964, stirred by his coded rallying cry, “extremism in defense of [white men’s] liberty is no vice.”
  • Any Opinion section that greets us with John Lennon’s immortal words [“I get by with a little help from my friends”] will always be welcome in my house.

Michael Fisher


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