If the shoe fits, Governor

Dear Editor:

Is he a racist? Does the shoe fit? Then Governor LePage should put on the shoes and walk out of this office.

Governor Paul LePage’s outrageous voicemail to Rep. Drew Gating requires some action. It is time to speak out. Action after questionable action/behavior has caused me to question his adequacy for the highest elective position our state. This one astounds me and makes me feel ashamed of Maine and embarrassed for him.

We, the Maine citizens, are the only ones who can do something about this situation.

As an educator, I spent years helping to teach students to speak out against bullying to help protect the one being bullied. To do otherwise is to quietly accept and condone the bullying behavior. So, how do we teach children this is unacceptable when mature adults let it go and ignore it?

It’s time for our elected representatives and senators to speak up and do something about the situation! To do less is to quietly accept and condone the Governor’s behavior.

Please, citizens of Maine, do your part to let our Legislature know that this is not acceptable behavior. Enough is enough. It is time for Governor Paul LePage to resign or be removed from office.

Janet Varnum

Bar Harbor

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