School board makes a statement

Dear Editor:

Special congratulations are in order for the Ellsworth public school system for finally dropping science from their curriculum. With a truly rare demonstration of the school system’s intelligence, School Board members stood firm in their detachment from scientific research and fact through their dissension from strong guidelines by the CDC, local pediatricians, larger school districts and scientists everywhere.

By forming ineffective policies that incorporate only some public health guidelines while castrating others, the School Board has shown that if one works hard, a few self-aspiring locals can make a lasting impact on society. The School Board has prominently demonstrated the value in optics over and above public safety and the importance of defining policy based on popular opinion and emotion, rather than fact and years of research on infectious disease. Only could a school board like ours rise to the level of intelligence needed to match that of the many parents who protest basic science and are willing to bet your kids’ lives that their Facebook feed is smarter than your doctor.

Ellsworth’s school board has undoubtedly set an example by standing up for what’s important to parents today — political identity, social media and opinion elevated over fact. This has set an unforgettable example for children across Maine, who not only see adults demonstrate that making up facts is easier than science, but this year will get to experience the consequences of this firsthand as infectious disease spreads throughout their classrooms. Such a special occasion should be commemorated with the recording of the names of all school board members and parents who, collectively, argued tirelessly to weaken the school system’s public health posture so that identity politics and public opinion could take its rightful place on the academic pillars of education.

Jonathan Zdziarski


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